Look away, Dixieland

Monday, August 12, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Monday, August 12, 2013

As you are reading this post, I am driving somewhere between Phenix City, AL and Searcy, AR. And let me tell you, besides Birmingham and Memphis, there is not a whole lot else on that road. I know of one exit that has a Wendy's and a gas station and that is the one stop I make. Dear future 1-22 corridor, you need to up your game in fast food and gas stations to make bathroom stops. Can I get a Chick fil a perhaps? Or maybe even a Panera? A girl can dream I guess.

There may not be Chik fil a sauce and waffle fries along the way, but Elvis' birthplace is. Every summer I say that I am going to take a quick drive through Tupelo to take a look at the shotgun house. I'll let you know if the fourth time is the charm .

To get you in the spirit of the King, here is the precious video that is taking Youtube by storm of Ella Mae singing "An American Trilogy" to her dad on the way home from daycare. My favorite parts are when she keeps saying "Hey, daddy!" and toward the climax when she says "Get ready!"

So, so long Georgia. I will trade in my pines, peaches and pecans for rice fields.


Anonymous said...

That video is toooo cute!!

Charlene Maugeri said...

This is the most precious video ever!! Thanks for sharing!

Ann Lacey said...

That is so sweet! Thank you Jess!

Erinn C.D. said...

good luck on the rest of your drive! Hopefully something totally randon and awesome finds itself on your journey :)