New Year's {Eve}

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

In another life, I would throw fabulous, classy affairs like this one
for New Year's Eve. But let's be honest, I can barely keep my eyes open until midnight.
If you are one of those select few who get a chance to wear one of those 
fully-sequined dresses that are all the rage, congratulations.
Take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you on this festive, late-night holiday. 

This was my New Year's Eve last year. Keeping it classy with bottles of 
Welches sparkling grape juice, of course. And sparklers...lots of sparklers.

I can't believe that 2012 has already come and gone. 
It seems like just yesterday I was packing my {50 lbs or less} suitcase
getting ready to board a plane with thirteen people, who I barely knew, 
to head to a country where I didn't speak a word of the native language.

Paris was the best thing that could have happened to me. 
{And you wouldn't be reading this blog if it weren't for HIP!}
I now know that since I survived Europe, I can do anything. 

Can't wait to see what adventures 2013 has in store!

We Go Hard

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, I thought it only necessary to remember just a few of my favorite moments from this past year. In no particular order, they are:

1. Any and all moments {even the not-so-good ones} from Paris. I miss it every single second of every single day.
My first French baguette. I was so proud.

2. Baby Watzles's Prom. Probably one of the funniest days of my life.
We're just really pretty people. 

3. My 20th Birthday Dinner with Mutti!

4. When Baby Watzles became Homecoming Queen

5. That one time I cut 12 inches of my hair off.
We go hard. Obvs.

2013 better be prepared; it has a lot to live up to!

What were some of your favorite moments from 2012?


I Dreamed a Dream

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I hope you all enjoyed spending time 
with your loved ones at Christmas, 
and that your bellies are full of home-cooked goodness.

One of my family's traditions is that we always go and see a 
movie on Christmas day. 
After you've been cooped up in the house
opening gifts, eating three plates of food {and then dessert, too}
and watching basketball, you're ready to get out. 

This year we went to see Les Miserables (of course). 
I was so excited I didn't think I could wait any longer to go see it.
I haven't read the book, nor seen the play, which is very unlike me. 
To be quite honest, until the trailers came out I thought 
Susan Boyle made the song "I Dreamed a Dream" famous
when she was on Britain's Got Talent. 
Shameful, I know. 

I'm sure Emily is glad the movie is finally out 
because whenever the Les Mis trailer would come on tv
Samantha and I would sing the song in our best opera voice. 
I thought we were pretty good, but apparently others thought differently. 

Anyways, I hope you are able to see it too soon. 
And if movies aren't your thing, I'm sure there are plenty of after-Christmas sales
at the mall. (as if you didn't get your year's worth of shopping in the last three days.)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Send Me Presents

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas y'all!

I hope everyone has an awesome & safe holiday. 

Don't forget to send me presents. I'm still waiting for my Chanel classic flap bag & Mercedes G-Wagon. You can email me for my shipping address. Hahaha.


Christmas Tradition {Emily}

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Monday, December 24, 2012

So last night my family went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra, and it was AMAZING!!!
The music was beautiful, there was singing and some backup singers dancing and then the pianist and guitarist and well it was just pretty take a look.

We had a wonderful time!!!! :)


AND NOW IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
When I was little we had an incredibly busy Christmas..
Christmas Eve was spent at my Grannny & Grandpa's {Dad's parents} 
which is where I'll be tonight!!
Christmas morning was spent at home, sitting on the floor in front of the tree bright eyed and waiting for mom to roll out of bed and make her coffee...Then we'd open presents and stockings and sit around for .5 seconds before loading the car and heading to 
Stephenville, Texas to see my Mawmaw {Great-grandmother}.

After spending lunch with my MawMaw we would get back in the car, stop to grab a 
drink at the local gas station and head towards Dallas 
to spend Christmas night with my PawPaw and Tish {Mom's Parents}.


Now it's a little different as my MawMaw passed a few years ago, so now it's just our house and Dallas on Christmas day...Still an extremely festive couple of days with family!!!

I LOVE this time of year, and I'm so excited to spend all of this precious time with family!!

Hope you have a merry Christmas and I'll see you again before the New Year!!

P.S. Stay tuned for my blog post on Thursday December 27th. 
I have a pretty important person to introduce to you....
{HIS} name is {Tom} and he's {British} .... YES.....BRITISH!!! :-)
I really think you're going to want to hear about him :)
eek...get excited, because I'm SO excited!!!!!!!! :-) 


Tunes for a Christmas Soiree

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Everyone needs a go-to Christmas playlist. 
Whether in the car, studying, or decorating your apartment
Christmas tunes are a must from Thanksgiving to New Years.
{some people think it's socially unacceptable to play 
holiday tunes year round. but to them i say "bah humbug."}

If you have overplayed your favorites by now, never fear, you can add a few of my
must haves to your mix. 
And like any good Christmas playlist, there is lots of Sufjan.

*the passion pit song is not on spotify, but is worth listening to here

I Limited Myself to Two

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I've always been a reader.  It's one of my favorite things to do, & I always have to be working on finishing some book. I still remember in 2nd grade at the school book fair, picking out Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone & knowing that it was something special from the instant I began reading it. It always seemed that the favorite part of my summers growing up was the delivery of the next Harry Potter book & racing to finish it before everyone else. As I've grown, my taste in books have changed {slightly}, but I've always been partial to Harry & his friends. I can hardly visit Barnes & Noble without picking out a new addition to my collection. 

Just one of the shelves in my closet; alpha by author, obviously

This was the case last Saturday when I ventured in for a bathroom break in the middle of Christmas shopping. I happened to wander by the European History section & naturally I had to stop & see what books they had on Paris. I had to admit; I was impressed. If I had my way, I would have probably tried to buy 90% of the books in that section, but I refrained & limited myself to two. 

The lucky ones that made the cut.

I know what you're thinking: "A Guide to Medieval England & a Biography of Paris? Why would you buy those?" My question to you is: "Why would you NOT buy those?" They're perfect for a little Christmas Break reading & they help satisfy my need to go back to my most favorite places on earth. 

So far, I've only started on the one about Paris, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's crazy to think that the places I saw almost everyday had been in Paris since Roman times & before. There's so much history in that one city. It's crazyyyyyy! 

{Also, bonjour to our French readers! I'm jealous you get to live in my favorite place on earth.}

I hope everyone has a great time shopping for last minute Christmas gifts!


Paris: The Biography of a City by Colin Jones
The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer
Another great book on the history of Paris: Seven Ages of Paris by Alistair Horne

Love is the answer

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When I was driving home from school on Friday I was worried about 3 things, 
traffic, getting ready to go back to work and my final grades of the semester...

Then while listening to the radio they started talking about the tragic school shooting..then they mentioned the kids... And suddenly nothing in my life was as urgent as it was 2 minutes before....I pulled off the highway so I could google the story and then I just cried...

I just remember thinking its not right it's not fair those poor little babies 
and it was just an overwhelming sadness...

Things like this scare me {as they should} they make me nervous about the future...I don't have kids but as a woman who wants them one day I felt my motherly instincts kick in and I just cried for those parents and brothers and sisters and grandparents... I can't imagine what those families are feeling!!! 

I titled this post love is the answer because thats what I believe we are all searching for!! 
Now I'm not saying this wouldnt have happened if the man who did this horrible act was loved more but I do know that love can change even the darkest of hearts...

So my plea to you is simple, love everyone you come in contact with, whether its family or friends or a complete stranger, whether it's someone who's done you wrong or someone you've hurt them, because you never know, your kind words to someone could stop them from doing something like what happened in Newtown...the love you show them can restore their faith in humanity!!!!

I know a lot of people are wondering how can we help...
well a few of my favorite blogs have inspired me post a few links to sites that are accepting donations!!

There's a lot of people getting involved in helping this beautiful community survive this tragic event...
so if you're looking for a way to help, 
go to any of the sites listed,
and I'm sure you'll find what your looking for!!! 

Keep Newtown in your prayers especially over the next few days and weeks as they lay the beautiful children to rest and try to pick up the pieces!!! 


xoxo gossip girl

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

As I'm writing this post,
I'm watching the final episode of Gossip Girl. 
Is this even real life? 
I've devoted six years of my life 
to debating Dan and Serena,
Chuck and Blair,
Nate and Serena, 
Dan and Blair
the madness went around in circles
season after season.

This show created fashion icons. 
Blair Waldorf is the reason that headbands
came back into style.
Almost every actor and actress has been on the 
cover of a magazine. 
And who could forget the infamous Chuck Bass basketball outfit? 

You better believe that Samantha and I 
will lunch on the Met steps every day
on our trip to nyc for spring break.
My goal is to have a gossip girl themed trip.

In my opinion, Josh Schwartz is a genius. 
Unfortunately I got into The O.C. too late 
and had to watch reruns every afternoon on Soap Net
during high school. I was instantly hooked on the show.
And when I heard that Schwartz was working on a 
East Coast version, I knew I would fall in love all over again.

I hate to say that I see myself as a Blair, but it's true. 
I always thought that Serena gets everything handed to her 
and didn't understand why people don't like her sometimes. 
Blair, on the other hand, worked hard for what she wanted
{albeit she mainly schemed of some sort, but she had good intentions.}

I won't give any spoilers about the final episode 
because I know there are some of you less dedicated fans 
who will watch it on Hulu later. Shame on you. 

What character do you most identify with? 
Are you team Chuck and Blair?
{if your answer to the second question is no, i don't think we can be friends.}


The Target Run

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally, after the longest semester in the history of ever, I'm homeeee! Hallelu. It's so nice to be able to check my email & not be absolutely terrified about what professor is going to send me more assignments. But the thing is, once I've been home for a couple of days, I'm kind of ready to do my own thing again; it's not that I don't like being home {I love it, Mom!}, it's just kind of....weird.

My view in the mornings.

 I'm at that weird in-between point where home is where my parents are, but in a year's time, this won't be home anymore. Imma be on my own {terrifying}. 

While I am home, though, Mom puts me to work; top on my list of chores is the Target Run*. 

Exhibit A.

Target happens to one of my favorite places in the entire world. Anytime we go into the big city while we're up at school, Mutti, Jess, & I always try to make it there. But whenever you're forced to go to Target for groceries, things aren't so enjoyable anymore. It's like the second you give someone a shopping cart, they lose all sense of self control .

If you see this, RUN. 

 Things are vicious, y'all. I think the worst offenders of the Crazy Shopping Cart People* are the moms with children. I get that they are trying to get in & out of there as fast as possible, but whoaaaaaaa. They'll run ya over if you get in-between them & the almond milk. It's absolutely terrifying. I solemnly swear, that, when I am a mother, not to be one of the Crazy Shopping Cart People when I make my Target Runs. So you're welcome.  

*Target Run: when you go to Target to wander around & look at all the nail polish. Duhhhh.
*Crazy Shopping Cart People: those people that feel it's acceptable to get all up in yo business & run you over with their cart in their quest for groceries


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Pray for Connecticut!!!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

No words can adequately describe how everyone in the country is feeling right now....
Children are defenseless, this tragic event should not have happened...
I can't even fathom what the Parents and family members are going through right now.....

what i do know is we can all Pray for them, Pray that they can figure out a way to get through this, Pray that people will lift them up with love and hope and give them some peace!!

Please, Please pray for these families....i can't even imagine what they are feeling!!!

And pray for those sweet little babies that have gone to heaven, they went too soon but i firmly believe they are playing with each other up there, without a care in the world!!!! 

- Stamp in my Passport

Fashion Friday {A look back at 2012}

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Finals are officially over :-) I can breathe again...
but if we're being honest this was the first semester that i EVER spent less than 1 hour studying for all 5 i didn't study at me crazy but i'm still getting the grades i want :) 
That's because i've worked my booty off all semester :) 

Want to hear something funny, My Finance final was 25 pages long, and i bubbled in some answers without even reading the question.....that's how prepared i was.....
Final grades for the semester were as follows...2 A's, 2 B's, 1 C!!!!!
C was in Finance...not surprising!!!

but it's {OVER} now, so let's move on to happier things.....

Today is Fashion Friday.
When i look back at some unfortunate mirror pictures i've taken over the past year, i realize i didn't do half bad in the fashion department :) I'm actually pretty pleased with myself!!! 

These are all of course headless.....why, you may ask???
Well i'm not really sure, i guess i was making silly faces in all of them...i tend to do that ;)
So here's just a few looks i have donned this past year!!

The {before labor day} white lace dress with jean jacket

The 'I'm obsessed with leopard' outfit

The Lilly Pulitzer scalloped shorts with faded chambray shirt

The London Primark maxi with sparkly belt and black long sleeve T

The flirty forever 21 skirt with black T

The business casual lace top with blue skirt and beige blazer, pulled together by sparkly belt

 The oh so popular Chevron shirt with white shorts {Pre-Iphone}

Another London Primark Maxi skirt with ruffle shirt, belt and jean jacket

The parisian striped shirt with chambray shirt and reddish pink pants
Yes i have a chandler in my closet ;)

Summer time dress {Target} with belt and of course faded jean jacket

Lauren Conrad Navy lace dress with belt and beige cardigan..
I wish i could include links but most of this stuff is so last season and you won't find it anymore!! :)

So i think it's been a pretty good year for me...
Iv'e added some staple pieces into my wardrobe which is so nice!!
And hopefully at christmas i will get a few more great pieces 
to show off next time i have fashion friday :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend..
I'm headed back to Texas this morning for a GLORIOUS month long break!!! :-)
Sam will start things up again monday.
See you then!


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December 14, 2013: The Beginning of the End

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

from here. wise words to live by.

That is the day that Stamp in My Passport graduates into the great unknown. In just a little over a year, Emily, Samantha and I will be college graduates. About this time next year you can expect at least one post from me about how to best style my bangs under a graduation cap, because I know it will be a challenge.

While I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life, it would be nice if I had some sort of plan for what I want to do with my life.  It seems like my college years flew right on by. I’m a public relations major, and while it is not as vague as business management (which Emily and Sam are majoring in) there is a vast array of jobs that I could go into. I really have no clue. I have no clue where I want to live after graduation either. Ideally I will have a job lined up before I graduate and I can load all of my few dorm decorations and clothes into my trunk and move into an apartment without going home before Christmas break. 

What do you mean I have to pay rent? 
What are these utilities you speak of? 
You mean I don't get unlimited cell data for free? 
What kind of cruel world is this that we live in?

I think I'll skip all of this grown-up stuff and travel the world until my money runs out.
Who's with me?

As I enter into my final two semesters of college, I will try to accept the fact that I cannot control and plan for everything. Free travel should have taught me a little about that.

Did you ever have a “what am I doing with my life” meltdown?
Here are my words of wisdom, "Be under-prepared and overconfident." 

{graduation circa 2010. as you can see, that pesky hat was even giving me trouble then}


Ballerina Style

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m literally the most awkward person. Ever.  I can’t help it. I’m learning to accept it. But it’s 100% true. This one time {this happened fairly recently, I might add} a guy that I was seeing went in to kiss me & I leaned away and started laughing in his face & then he ran away. {who even does that...?} Needless to say, we haven’t talked much since then. 

Just being awkward on the Loch Ness. Completely normal.

I feel like we just became a lot closer after that story. Anyone else?

Other things that make me feel super uncomfortable are certain words. I know that Mutti’s uncomfortable word is “naughty”. Hahaha. I can’t even say that word without giggling. In fact, she’s even in my phone as “Naughty Emily”. Jess’s awkward word is “moist”, which I feel like makes everyone feel a little weird. My awkward word of choice that I avoid at all costs? Perky. Ughhh. Just even typing that creeps me out. Gross. Ick. {if anyone leaves me a comment full of those words…..}

Doing my thing at Versailles. Clearly I'm modeling.

You wanna hear another awkward story? Once, while we were walking around in Paris during rush hour, I busted it on the sidewalk. But everyone said it was the most graceful fall they had ever seen, which comforted me slightly {I even fell with my legs tucked up underneath me, ballerina style}.

Let’s hear your most awkward moments. Ready. GO!


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How to survive the worst semester ever!!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Managerial Finance
Entrepreneurial Management
Busines Law
Christian Family
Personal Finance

These are the classes i've grown to {Love} loathe over the semester...
Let me explain why...
In one class we're expected to know how to start a business from scratch and create it in a way that it flourishes....instead we kind of made our's sink.

In another class i'm expected to know how to understand the finances that go into a business...
Umm hello, i'm a business major because i'm not going to find a suitable fratdaddy in an elementary eduacation class......And also because i like business....but i do NOT like finance!!!!!!!

In another class i've learned how to find my life mate
and teach my kids not to listen to rap music because it will corrupt their soul...

In another class i've learned to plan for my funeral and pick out an adequate casket....
Along with other financial things...

 And finally in my last class i've learned that judge judy is really a real judge....
and that Law is way over my head material!!!!

Easy to say this hasn't been my favorite semester.....
Considering last semester i was strolling through the streets of Paris, i think you can understand why this semester hasn't really done it for me....

{je voudrais être de retour à Paris}

I'm nearing the end of my 'College Experience' and classes are getting way harder....
Time is becoming less, as are naps and i'm beginning to feel the
stress of the real world creeping its way into my life.
I think the best way to fight the ever present real world stress is with good music...
My favorite song at the moment is....'Hopeless Wanderer' by Mumford & Sons
You should listen to it, and the rest of their album, they are amazing!!!!

If your struggling to stay positive during the last few weeks of school, just keep your head up, it will be over soon and Santa is coming, what's better than Santa....Answer: Nothing!!! ;)

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{travel tuesday} scavenger hunt

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Monday, December 10, 2012

When we first arrived in Paris, 
the metro map looked more like gibberish than something useful. 
To get aquainted with our new home away from home, 
Lauren sent us on a scavenger hunt around the city. 

For a recent multimedia storytelling project, 
I interviewed Samantha about the experience. 


 {moulin rouge}


{notre dame}

{the winning team}

{the second place team}
don't worry, after too long i ditched that blue bag.

*p.s. Yes I know it's not actually Tuesday, but there are no fun travel words that rhyme with Monday.