The Scared is scared of the all the things you like

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Bianca asked a child what she should make her movie about, and this is what he had to say. It's the adventure of a Toby mouse and an Asa bear and will make you heart melt.

Children really do tell the best stories and sometimes I think that we just need to fire all of the writers in Hollywood and turn that field over to a Kindergarten class. Plots would never be short of twists and turns and laughs. You would never have to worry about guessing the ending five minutes into the movie {unless you Wikipedia movies like Samantha.}

Moral of this story: You don't want to go when something is closing because then you will have to wait to go back there.

Favorite quote: "The Scared is scared of things you like. So I was scared of monsters, but then I just through of pizza...and juice...and meringues...and a cookie shaped like a piano, no shaped like a keyboard."

So what will you think about when you get scared? I'll think of lattes, the smell of new book pages and swinging.

P.S. you should watch all of the credits :) PRECIOUS. Thanks to Mackenzie for introducing me to this video!


Post-Dorm Design

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

After three years of dorm life, packing up your belongings and moving home every few months has become exhausting. By the time you have "nested" your dorm room or apartment, it is time to pack up, drive home, unpack, only to repeat the cycle again in August.

I cannot wait for graduation so I can move into a more permanent space and make it my own. I want to be able to hang more than 10 items on my walls {although I will still probably use thumb tacks to hang frames because they work wonders as opposed to nails.}

Here are three trends that I am obsessing over: 

1. Colored exterior doors: 


While I will probably not get to change this until I have a house, I love the thought of having a front door in a bold hue instead of the staple black. I want to give people directions to my home and say "It's the one on the corner with the sea-foam door."

2. Herringbone floors


Herringbone wood floors add so much character to a space. They automatically make a room feel cozier. There is something innately classy about wood floors in a chevron pattern. In theory, I would love to rent an older apartment or warehouse conversion with original features, but when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom...we'll see. Modern conveniences might win out against charm and character.

3. White walls 


My first {and second, and possibly third} apartment will more than likely come with the standard white walls that cannot be painted, unless I want to make the effort to return them to their original eggshell color when I move out. When decorated right, white walls can be the perfect blank canvas and provide the right amount of modern minimalism.

What interior trends are you wanting to try out? 

Not just for sipping earl grey

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Friday, May 24, 2013

I received several china tea cups and saucers
from a family friend for Christmas.

And while I have every intention of hosting
tea parties very soon, 
I thought that they were too beautiful to keep under wraps. 

So what better way to showcase them than on my vanity
along with my jewelry?

Sadly I did not have to rifle through an estate sale 
for mine, but who knows, maybe I will
want to expand my collection this summer. 

Hope you enjoy your Memorial day weekend!
I have a feeling that BBQ will be involved 
in mine at some point.


The London Version of The Hills

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

One thing you should know and accept about me 
is that I love "reality" television. 
Nine times out of 10 my tv is turned to Bravo.

During school, I would catch up on reruns of Laguna Beach 
and The Hills while drinking my coffee before chapel.
I don't know what draws me to semi-real shows like those
or the Housewives. And don't even get me started on my 
love of The Rachel Zoe Project. {I DIE.}

Perhaps it is all of the cool shots of LA or New York? 
Maybe it's all of the brunches? {which is my favorite meal}
Or maybe it's the thrill of trying to decipher when the producers intervened 
or when moments are just pure reality gold. 

If you thought The Hills was scripted 
{which it was. case in point: Stacy the Bartender. helloooo}
then wait until you watch Made in Chelsea, the London equivalent. 

What I love most about MIC is when two cast members 
happen to "casually" bump into each other 
while walking their dogs or window shopping. 
Really? I know Chelsea is a fairly small neighborhood, but come on.

Although I know all of the situations are in limbo between true and fake, 
I would like to think that the cast are all somewhat friends in real life 
and that there are no "Stacy the Bartender" characters 
who keep popping up in random story lines.  
{The fact that I refer to characters and story lines should concern me}

No matter, I cannot wait for Tuesdays when MIC is streamed online.
And if, like me, reality television holds a special place in your heart, 
if you have fond memories growing up watching LC, Lo, Kristen, Audrina, and Spiedy
then perhaps you might want to take the summer to immerse yourself in the lives
of similar people across the pond.

Here are two videos to pique your interest even more: 

#1 {Promo Video #IMREADY} Hilarious parody of the show but spot on.

#2 {L'Americano - music video featuring several of the boys and filmed at a party on MIC.}

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! And maybe I've talked you into adding yet another show to your queue this summer :)


Hello, old sport

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I know Stamp in My Passport took a little hiatus, 
but I've decided to bring it out of hibernation.

Not a lot has happened since February. 
Just classes, papers, Little Rock every weekend. 
You know, the usual. 

Oh, there was a week-long trip to NYC. 
And a Jewish festival at River Market.
But more about that later. 

Summer break is in full swing now.
I got home last Saturday and started my internship
two days later. Which means that my clothes did not get unpacked
until just a few days ago. 

What can I say, sometimes I enjoy living out of a suitcase.

Recap of my summer at home so far: 
1. Saw Gatsby (twice) and the soundtrack has been on repeat
2. Dad painted my room for me :) I also retired my blue feather lamp
3. I became a working girl
4. My Warby Parker home-trial arrived

Detour while driving home
75 1/2 Bedford St.

Lamp via Target (along with everything else in my life)

Haley's graduation reception

Typical morning on my day off

And now you are officially caught up on my life.

There are also a few weekend getaways planned for this summer:
St. Simons Island
Atlanta (to see the Braves play the Cardinals)