Salzburg and the Lake District

Monday, October 5, 2015 | Stamp in My Passport| , |

Monday, October 5, 2015

Salzburg was the next stop on our tour through Bavaria. Like most tourists, the main draw of Salzburg was the Sound of Music tour to have an excuse to have sing along with 100+ adults and it did not disappoint. Before meeting the tour group, we stopped in a cafe for a pastry and coffee and I immediately knew that Austrian coffee was much better than whatever we had been drinking in Munich. I even made friends with two retired gentlemen sitting besides up. On the trip I realized that living in Florida was an easy conversation starter because it is one of the few states that most have heard of or have even been too (hello Orlando, Miami and West Palm) and suprisingly people had heard of Tallahassee which blew my mind. 

And then we were off on our morning bus ride through town and the Lake District with stops to see the Abbey, the house(s) used in the film and the church from the wedding scene. The Lake District was unbelievably quaint and surrounded by mountains in all directions. Apfel strudle and coffee made for the perfect pick me up in Mondsee. 

Once we returned to Salzburg, after touring the gardens, we walked to the city center for a quick walking tour. I loved how the city was set up in squares and you could wander from one to the next getting lost in the maze. Snacks along the way included my first currywurst of the trip and a stop at the Augustiner beer hall to end the day.

There were a lot of tourists in Salzburg and most were in large tour groups which were hard to maneuver around. Also, walking is pretty much the only way to get around Salzburg so by the early afternoon my feet were not happy. Samantha and I took the train up to the top of the fortress to take in the views, which was well worth the cost. 

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