What to wear to a pity party

Friday, February 1, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Friday, February 1, 2013

If you haven't been keeping up with the blog recently, 
you might have missed {a few} posts about the one year 
anniversary of going to Paris, which was yesterday. 
Now you can probably expect a few more "one year anniversaries"
of other things we did while in Paris. 
Just warning you. 

I had originally thought that I would just take a personal day,
skip class, lay in bed eating croissants and scrolling through all of my
photos and videos from the trip. 

Alas, I was a grownup. 
And went to class. 
My parents must be so pleased with me. 

If I were to have laid around having a pity party, 
I would want to spend the day in a white bathrobe 
like Rachel Zoe.
Obviously, like her, I would do my hair, make-up, and accessorize
to make the whole outfit {in her words} BANANAS.

See? The epitome of loungewear and class. 
All that is missing is a venti latte in her hand. 

So enjoy your weekend, whether you will be lounging watching 
hulu and dreading Monday, or maybe you are one of the lucky ones 
with a fabulous destination to jet set to. 


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Letters from a Mermaid said...

this is too funny. i throw pity parties for myself all the time..they involve a lot of chocolate.

I am so excited to join your blog and i hope you stop and join mine too so we can stay in touch xoxo