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Monday, December 3, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's that time of the year where people start coming up to you 
and asking you what you want for Christmas...
Problem is i never EVER have an answer!!

I'm so bad at knowing what i want, probably because i already have everything i need....
But to appease the ever so eager shoppers i have put together a list of my most sought after gifts this season...and looking at what i've come up with, iv'e got to say it's quite impressive!!

My mom asked me the all important question a few days ago 
and as i mentioned i had no answer to give..
So what did i do, i made a 'Christmas List' Pinterest board...
So that my mom and everyone else interested
will have exactly what i'm asking for at their fingertips :)
Genius??? Maybe....i'm too modest to admit it ;) 

Adorable Texas Ring from James Avery
Super cute Macbook Case from Etsy, bow available in lots of fun colors
A sparkly little Lilly Wristlet that will brighten anyones day (even if it's empty)
A FREAKING adorable Wool Coat with bow pockets.....i can't even...i want it so bad!!!
The prettiest Blue Tote you ever did see!! 
A fun Knit headband with a bow....does anyone else notice a pattern???????

There you have it, these are on the tippy top of my list this year!!
If you were to pick one thing from my list what would it be????



A and B said...

love that blue tote!

Stamp in My Passport said...

Mhmm I agree!!! That blue tote is so dreamy, i don't think you can ever go wrong with that color :)

Amy Marie said...

I love that coat, my daughter has a very similar one and I wish we could match! Also love the MacBook case!

Stamp in My Passport said...

The MacBook case is probably the cutest one I've seen so far :) love it!!!