Fashion Friday {A look back at 2012}

Friday, December 14, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Friday, December 14, 2012

Finals are officially over :-) I can breathe again...
but if we're being honest this was the first semester that i EVER spent less than 1 hour studying for all 5 i didn't study at me crazy but i'm still getting the grades i want :) 
That's because i've worked my booty off all semester :) 

Want to hear something funny, My Finance final was 25 pages long, and i bubbled in some answers without even reading the question.....that's how prepared i was.....
Final grades for the semester were as follows...2 A's, 2 B's, 1 C!!!!!
C was in Finance...not surprising!!!

but it's {OVER} now, so let's move on to happier things.....

Today is Fashion Friday.
When i look back at some unfortunate mirror pictures i've taken over the past year, i realize i didn't do half bad in the fashion department :) I'm actually pretty pleased with myself!!! 

These are all of course headless.....why, you may ask???
Well i'm not really sure, i guess i was making silly faces in all of them...i tend to do that ;)
So here's just a few looks i have donned this past year!!

The {before labor day} white lace dress with jean jacket

The 'I'm obsessed with leopard' outfit

The Lilly Pulitzer scalloped shorts with faded chambray shirt

The London Primark maxi with sparkly belt and black long sleeve T

The flirty forever 21 skirt with black T

The business casual lace top with blue skirt and beige blazer, pulled together by sparkly belt

 The oh so popular Chevron shirt with white shorts {Pre-Iphone}

Another London Primark Maxi skirt with ruffle shirt, belt and jean jacket

The parisian striped shirt with chambray shirt and reddish pink pants
Yes i have a chandler in my closet ;)

Summer time dress {Target} with belt and of course faded jean jacket

Lauren Conrad Navy lace dress with belt and beige cardigan..
I wish i could include links but most of this stuff is so last season and you won't find it anymore!! :)

So i think it's been a pretty good year for me...
Iv'e added some staple pieces into my wardrobe which is so nice!!
And hopefully at christmas i will get a few more great pieces 
to show off next time i have fashion friday :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend..
I'm headed back to Texas this morning for a GLORIOUS month long break!!! :-)
Sam will start things up again monday.
See you then!


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