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Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

After three years of dorm life, packing up your belongings and moving home every few months has become exhausting. By the time you have "nested" your dorm room or apartment, it is time to pack up, drive home, unpack, only to repeat the cycle again in August.

I cannot wait for graduation so I can move into a more permanent space and make it my own. I want to be able to hang more than 10 items on my walls {although I will still probably use thumb tacks to hang frames because they work wonders as opposed to nails.}

Here are three trends that I am obsessing over: 

1. Colored exterior doors: 


While I will probably not get to change this until I have a house, I love the thought of having a front door in a bold hue instead of the staple black. I want to give people directions to my home and say "It's the one on the corner with the sea-foam door."

2. Herringbone floors


Herringbone wood floors add so much character to a space. They automatically make a room feel cozier. There is something innately classy about wood floors in a chevron pattern. In theory, I would love to rent an older apartment or warehouse conversion with original features, but when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom...we'll see. Modern conveniences might win out against charm and character.

3. White walls 


My first {and second, and possibly third} apartment will more than likely come with the standard white walls that cannot be painted, unless I want to make the effort to return them to their original eggshell color when I move out. When decorated right, white walls can be the perfect blank canvas and provide the right amount of modern minimalism.

What interior trends are you wanting to try out? 

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Mary said...

I'm living in a rented space. They've wallpapered every inch on the place. Even the ceiling. It's this awful cream color. I want white. A stark white wall would give me a much better pallet to work with. One can dream!