The London Version of The Hills

Thursday, May 23, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport| , , , , |

Thursday, May 23, 2013

One thing you should know and accept about me 
is that I love "reality" television. 
Nine times out of 10 my tv is turned to Bravo.

During school, I would catch up on reruns of Laguna Beach 
and The Hills while drinking my coffee before chapel.
I don't know what draws me to semi-real shows like those
or the Housewives. And don't even get me started on my 
love of The Rachel Zoe Project. {I DIE.}

Perhaps it is all of the cool shots of LA or New York? 
Maybe it's all of the brunches? {which is my favorite meal}
Or maybe it's the thrill of trying to decipher when the producers intervened 
or when moments are just pure reality gold. 

If you thought The Hills was scripted 
{which it was. case in point: Stacy the Bartender. helloooo}
then wait until you watch Made in Chelsea, the London equivalent. 

What I love most about MIC is when two cast members 
happen to "casually" bump into each other 
while walking their dogs or window shopping. 
Really? I know Chelsea is a fairly small neighborhood, but come on.

Although I know all of the situations are in limbo between true and fake, 
I would like to think that the cast are all somewhat friends in real life 
and that there are no "Stacy the Bartender" characters 
who keep popping up in random story lines.  
{The fact that I refer to characters and story lines should concern me}

No matter, I cannot wait for Tuesdays when MIC is streamed online.
And if, like me, reality television holds a special place in your heart, 
if you have fond memories growing up watching LC, Lo, Kristen, Audrina, and Spiedy
then perhaps you might want to take the summer to immerse yourself in the lives
of similar people across the pond.

Here are two videos to pique your interest even more: 

#1 {Promo Video #IMREADY} Hilarious parody of the show but spot on.

#2 {L'Americano - music video featuring several of the boys and filmed at a party on MIC.}

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! And maybe I've talked you into adding yet another show to your queue this summer :)



Mary said...

it's probably more real than you think. Television is so very different over here. The "acting" isn't as good. So, reality TV is their specialty. It is a fun show though!

katie said...

Can you watch these online? I looked before but couldn't find them!