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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The moment that you can't remember the last time you blogged is a wake-up call. Do you completely throw in the towel and say sayonara to your online space or do you get back in the saddle? I'm a firm believer in not forcing yourself to write when you truly feel uninspired. Writing and blogging shouldn't feel like a chore or just another item to cross off your to-do list. During my hiatus, several people mentioned that they enjoyed following along with my blog and I felt a little guilty about ignoring this space. I say all of that to say that I'm back!

And now onto a few of my favorite posts, recipes and thoughts. 

The idea that "you can just shorten a bridesmaids dress and wear it again" 100 percent applies to these. I wouldn't complain one bit to have 27 of these bridesmaids dresses hanging in my closet.

There is something about summer that makes you want eat healthier and local. Perhaps it is all of the pool and beach days that act as motivator to say no to the office doughnuts and yes to the salad. 

Looking for a few new clean eating recipes? I've tried the roasted veggie salad from Day One, the nicoise salad from Day Two (I would suggest swapping the canned tuna for steamed shrimp or salmon) and the roasted pepper and spinach egg muffins from Day Nine of this Buzzfeed Two-Week Clean Eating Challenge. I haven't quite decided to give the full challenge a try yet.

And while you're in the habit of eating healthier, you typically want to also get moving more. If paying $15 per barre class is not in your budget, try this 15-minute barre workout at home. Trust me, you'll feel it the next morning. 

Oh Nashville, how I love you. I can definitely see myself living in Nashville and part of me wants to move sooner rather than later before I become too settled in Tallahassee. 

I grew up going to St. Simons Island for family vacations and besides the gorgeous views of the intercostal and the moss covered oak trees, the food is the best part. I thought I had tried all of the good restaurants until I came upon this list.

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