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Wednesday, April 8, 2015 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sorry for the radio silence, but it's been one of those time when I've been at a loss for blog content. And the longer I go without writing a post, the more I convince myself that I will never write another post again. So instead of coming up with topics to write about, here is a list of things you will never find on Stamp in My Passport. I stole the idea from Kasi (who was also spending more time on Netflix than blogging). 

1. Les Enfants You do not have to fear this space turning into a "mommy blog" for an extremely long time. Until that time comes, I will continue to share photos of Dixie instead. New moms may not appreciate this comparison, but from what I know about infants, it's not much different than taking care of a puppy. Eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, wake up at all hours of the night, and then once they start moving around, will eat/put in their mouth anything that is left on the floor.

2. #OOTD I have an array of pencil skirt/cardigan/flowy top/flats combinations that are rotated fairly frequently by day at work and by night and weekend, you will find me in skinny jeans and a striped tee. And lather, rinse, repeat. Despite the copious amount of items sitting in virtual shopping carts across the Internet, I rarely venture out of my style comfort zone. I know what looks good on me and I'm going to stick to it. And while it may make me feel good, it would be quite dull on the blog day in and day out.

3. Negative comments, whether about fellow bloggers or people I know This goes for life in general, but especially on the web, where words last for eternity and can never be taken back. Blogging is a community to build others up, not tear them down. And as much as I would love to think that no one I know in real life reads this space, it does happen, and sometimes I have to remember that this is not simply a cathartic outlet to release all of my thoughts.

4. Hair and makeup tutorials I can count on a single hand the number of ways I wear my hair. I am always skeptical of tutorial videos that are sped-up to show you a braided up-do in under two minutes.

5. Experiences of a small business owner I love how many bloggers have gone on to start small businesses because they don't feel satisfied unless they are doing something that they absolutely love and can call the shots. I wish you all the best! It takes a great amount of courage to not only identify your strengths and passions, but to take a leap of faith and pursue them. 

6. Work Going along with not sharing small business advice, I also do not need my blog to promote my 9-5 job. It can take some time for bloggers to find a balance between sharing their online life and their real life. In most cases, sharing details about your employment crosses that line. 

7. Financial advice I don't pretend to have any secrets on how to pay off your student loans, or the fastest way to save up an emergency fund.You won't find financial advice here, but I would encourage you to seek out twenty-somethings who have the knowledge and are also in the same stage of life as you, whether in their first post-grad job or buying their first  home. 


Margo said...

can I just say how much I love this? I too have a whooping 2 styles for my hair - flat ironed and just-work-up, it's so awesome. keep doing what you do, I'll be here.

Kristin C said...

This is awesome! I love your honestly and the fact that you know what you like and you are sticking to it!

Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished said...

I can really relate to this! I enjoy reading some of those types of posts, but I won't write on something that I don't feel I'm an expert in, or can actually share practical, useful info. Unless of course it's a personal post-- but then I'm not looking to advise anyone!

Cassie Lee said...

I wrote a post on this same topic and Monday and it seems we are definitely on the same page!

Camila @ AdventitiousViolet said...

I'm totally with you on this! And oh my gosh - sometimes it's okay to talk about hard times in our life, etc. but people who are just negative about other people ...I don't want to read about mean things or rants about people, it's damn mean!