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Friday, November 30, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Friday, November 30, 2012

“Wandering down this road that we call life is what we’re doin’. It’s good to know I have friends that will always stand by me…when this Boy Meets World.” Admit it; you still know all of the words to the “Boy Meets World” intro song. 

I grew up in the halls of John Adams High, learned life’s biggest lessons from Mr. Feeny and learned about friendship from Corey and Shawn. From middle school up through college, the show grew with its viewers. While funny and quirky most of the time, “Boy Meets World” tackled serious issues as well, such as death and abandonment. 

They just don’t make shows like it anymore. Ten years later, I am still watching reruns of “Boy Meets World” every morning while I eat cereal. Somehow I cannot see “Hannah Montana” or “iCarly” reruns being shown 20 years from now. 

Michael Jacobs, the original creator signed a pilot deal for “Girl Meets World,” which would center around a teenage girl, and Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel may return as her parents, as was initially reported by TVLine. *update: it's offical...Disney picked up the show :)

Without Corey and Topanga, “Girl Meets World” would be doomed from the start. However, with their comic genius, the spin-off stands a chance of success. 

It would be interesting to see the gang all grown up, still getting into mischief. I especially want to know where Eric would be as a 30-something. In one episode he had some success as a weatherman; so maybe he would be predicting the forecast in Philly? Or perhaps he would move back to the “Home of the World’s Largest Yogurt Cup.” How many children would Corey and Topanga have? Would Shawn still be single? Would Mr. Feeny be teaching another generation of children? And what would happen to Morgan, the younger sister who only showed up in episodes sporadically? I think there are a lot of questions that could be answered. I am just not sure if I could fall in love with another cast of characters. 

Spin-off shows recently have not done as well as expected. “90210,” “Melrose Place” and “Dallas” all have been revamped with new casts and fresh plotlines within the last few years. They brought back one or two actors from the original cast, but the shows just are not the same. Even though Jacobs would produce “Girl Meets World,” I am skeptical about it living up to the original. 

While the specifics of “Girl Meets World” are ironed out, you could watch William Daniels (Mr. Feeny) in his role as an aging doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy.” No matter what role he plays, I will always see him as the wise schoolteacher in a sweater vest. (Spoiler alert: He has been killed off of Grey's.)

Until then, I will continue my morning ritual of watching Corey and Shawn’s antics over a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  

Did you grow up watching Boy Meets World?
Are you excited for the new show?

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