Last minute birthday gift ideas

Thursday, April 10, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Thursday, April 10, 2014

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What would you do without Facebook reminding you of people's birthdays? If one has snuck up on you. Don't fret. Depending on how long you have to get a gift, from mere hours to a week, I have a perfect gift for the birthday girl

Day of

IOU one fabulous night out.
This is a great option if a friend's birthday falls on a weekday. Acknowledge it, and let her know that you have something extra-special up your sleeve. Whether you organize a spa day, or take her to hear her favorite band, an IOU is an acceptable placeholder.

Dinner and splurge on dessert (candle optional).

Is there a new restaurant you two have been dying to try? But maybe it costs more than an outfit from Target? Go for it! Treat yoself...and more importantly, treat the birthday girl. And get dessert while you're at it.

Treat digital e-card.

And for those friends who do not live nearby, why not send them a dressed up e-card? Add photos of the two of you and make a promise to meet up in the near future to celebrate properly. Although I am still a fan of snail mail, waking up to a pretty e-card in my email inbox isn't such a bad way to start the day.

Three days before

Put together an at-home manicure/pedicure kit.

This is especially thoughtful during the spring and summer. Gather sugar scrubs, thick lotion balms, a pretty nail file and an assortment of polishes. Wrap them up in a box that can double as a storage container and you're set.

Anthro coffee mug and/or jewelry. 

You can never go wrong with an Anthro coffee mug, or their jewelry. Or one of the many colorful books that look just as good on a bookshelf as they are being read in your hand.

Five - seven days before

Instagram prints.

This might take a little bit more effort and shipping time. Gather Instagram prints of the two of your or places you've been together, have them printed or made into magnets. If you want to go above and beyond, swipe her phone for a little bit to have her own photos made into prints. They work great when grouped together in a gallery wall.

Monogrammed stationery. 

There is nothing more classic than monogrammed stationery. And nothing says "I'm an adult," like it either. Who knows, maybe you will even get a thank-you note written on your gift. I like this one, this one and this one

Print of her favorite city or vacation spot.

It's no surprise that Paris still holds a special place in my heart. But maybe your friend is far from home and a little homesick, so you find one of her hometown. Or maybe she loves Italy as much as I love France. A little something to look at everyday reminding her of a time or a place that she has been or is dreaming of going is a thoughtful gift. If Paris her cup of cafe au lait (see what I did there?) then I recommend Anna With Love's recently re-opened photography shop. I'm still trying to decide which ones I want for my apartment!


LifeChangesii said...

Cute ideas. I love how you broke it down to specific days before. I like the instagram idea and the dinner an dessert idea!

Kaelene Spence said...

Love the ideas of printing off a photo of their favorite city or vacation spot!

Jenna Secrist said...

These are all really good ideas! I've definitely gone the Anthro mug route and they loved it! Pretty much anything from that store is the perfect gift. Also the instagram photos would be a nice surprise!

Charlene Maugeri said...

Whoa these are some great ideas! I am totally pinning this to revisit when I am inevitably in this situation in the future!

Jess said...

glad you enjoyed them!

Jess said...

i thought so too. i've been meaning to get some printed for myself, so i know others would love them too.

Jess said...

such a nice reminder! especially if it's from a trip you both went on.

Jess said...

thanks! i always need an excuse to order dessert (instead of indulging in a pint of ice cream at home) and birthdays are the perfect occasion for it.