How to beat summer blogging burnout

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Whether you have been blogging since the days when of Live Journal and Xanga, or if you are new to the online community, you will inevitably find yourself suffering from summer blogging burnout. During the summer you want to do anything else but sit behind a computer screen. You will either be too busy to keep up, or you read about everyone else's vacations and compare yours (or lack thereof) to theirs. It happens. So what can you do about it? 

Go on a hiatus. 

It's ok to take a blogging summer vacation. Enjoy yourself, collect your thoughts, make memories and come back fresh in September with the perfect "What did you do this summer?" post or series, just like when you were in school. If you choose this option, just let the world know and don't go MIA. Taking a break is better than thinking you should feel guilty for ignoring your corner of the internet. 

Write about a new hobby. 

Have you taken up cooking? Graphic design? Knitting? Is this what has consumed all of your energy and excitement? Share it with the world. Chances are there is someone else out there with the same interests and will benefit from the information. Share how-tos along the way as you learn. 

You don't have to have scheduled during your vacation. 

Don't feel like you have to pre-write posts to fill the void while you are off galavanting with friends and family. And definitely don't feel obligated to spending your nights in the hotel room frantically typing. If you don't want radio silence, reach out to other bloggers to guest post. Especially if you are new, this is a great way to make new friends.

Writing Prompts and Ideas

Psssst. This post came from a series of writing prompts. If you need more ideas to jump start your creative process, you can get started here and here as well.

Don't lose sight of why you started blogging.

The moment blogging becomes a chore or something that you feel like you have to get done or you just want to check it off your list for the day, then it's time to take a break because you are doing it wrong. Your readers can tell when your heart isn't in it anymore. Whether as a creative outlet, a way to work on your marketing and social media skills or to share knowledge of a topic, you probably had some reason behind hitting publish the first time. Don't loose sight of that. And just have fun with it.


Zoe said...

Such great tips! I never thought blogging burnout would happen to me, but as the days get warmer and my list of to-do's gets longer, I've been finding myself struggling to crack open the laptop and blog. Thank you for the inspiration!! xx

The What's In Between

Alyson said...

I am totally starting to feel myself being pulled to wanting to do anything else but blog. So great to know I am not alone. These are some great suggestions and suggestions for ideas. Thank you!


Jess Hnatiuk said...

Good post! I struggle with this too, especially when there are so many fun things to do outside! Thank you for posting!

Z K said...

Thanks Jess, I SO needed this. I've been so stressed out the last few weeks, what with a new job, existing internships, and the looming shadow of school (already! I know!). I've honestly thought about abandoning my blog for the summer, but I know I wouldn't be happy with that in the long run. I'm really hoping I can start carving out more time to write - both for school and my blog!

Jess said...

You're welcome! I knew that I couldn't be alone in feeling this way. During the winter, you want to stay indoors huddled under a blanket with your laptop keeping you warm, but in the summer it's the complete opposite.

Jess said...

No problem! I hope you are able to find the inspiration/motivation that you need. Or if a a break is in order for you, there is no shame in that either.

Jess said...

Glad I could help!

Jess said...

You and me both. And it's not even officially summer yet.

The Travel Hack said...

I love your last tip. You can totally tell when a blogger isn't enjoying it and is just posting for the sake of it. For a few months I tried posting 4-5 times a week and it was too much. I didn't have time to read all my favourite blogs and enjoy the blogging community. I dropped down to 3 times a week and I'm enjoying it way more.