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Friday, June 13, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Friday, June 13, 2014

I tried, but I can't keep it a secret any longer. Stamp in My Passport is in the process of undergoing a facelift. As we speak, Amanda is working her design and coding magic and is going to make this blog of mine look better than a Real Housewife who has just returned from a botox party. 

After a year and a half it is time for the pink to be retired. That was one of my requirements, no pink. I say this after just purchasing neon pink shorts, but that is neither here nor there. 

Clean, crisp, simple, modern were the words to describe my design style. And I can't wait for you to see the finished product soon. As for color, it's dark and dramatic greys, navys and greens on a blank white slate. 

I probably stare at my blog more than any other person and there's nothing better than a new look for inspiration. It's like when you were in school, and every August you had the opportunity to reinvent your look. 

But have no fear, the content will most definitely remain the same. My musings on life, travel and the pursuit of coffee aren't going anywhere. If that's ok with you, of course. 

And now that I have rambled on long enough, enjoy your weekend!


Gina Alyse said...

I'm so excited for you for this process! I love the mood board--there's such a cozy vibe to it! :) xo, gina

Jess Hnatiuk said...

AH!! I can't wait to see the new facelift!!!!! :)

Natalie V. said...

Love the color inspiration! Can't wait to see what the after looks like! :)

Jess said...

That's exactly what I was going for :)

Jess said...

thanks! I'm so excited about the finished product.