5 Reasons I am Not an Early Adopter

Friday, September 19, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Friday, September 19, 2014

Walk past any gleaming Apple store, all glass panes and silver today and you will most likely see crowds standing in line waiting not so patiently to get their hands on the latest communication gadget that is smaller than an iPad Mini, but larger than a toaster pastry. 

Me? I am comfortably in bed, checking email on my (now apparently) obsolete iPhone 4S. With the way some people talk you would think I was playing Snake on an old brick of a Nokia. 

It's safe to say that I'm not an early adopter when it comes to technology. I enjoy to follow all of the Apple press conferences and find out about the latest updates and inventions, and yes, I am quite an Apple snob when it comes to my tech, but you'll often find me a step (or two, or three) behind the techies.  

1. $300 on a phone that typically only has a two-year lifespan (conveniently the length of a typical cellphone contract) is an absurd amount of money. 

2. There are always bound to be bugs and glitches with the very first round of products released. See point #1 about not wanting to drop a large amount of money on something that could be messed up. 

3. I like messing around on friends' phones to see if an upgrade is really worth it. Simply put, I want to test drive the phone before committing to it. 

4. Fun phone cases haven't quite come out yet. Although, having an older phone, it is also hard to find phone cases. Take note: Stock up on all of your favorites while you can find it, because in a year, they will be scare. 

5. The one reason I am excited for today is because the 5S is now only $99. Sadly my current phone has been retired and before too long won't even handle iOS updates. I remember when I still had my 3G, long after most people had moved onto thinner and better phones, and it didn't support the update that contained iMessage and I was thoroughly confused by what it was for the longest time. Yeah, I was that person. 

And there you have it. I am not an early adopter when it comes to phones, or sushi, emojis or jeggings for that matter either. 


Darci Miller said...

I totally agree with all of this! I used to have an iPhone 5 (before the 5s came out, so I was actually up-to-date!) but it got stolen in January. Wompppp. Since then I've been using my dad's old 4, and it's a little slow but it works absolutely fine. I am, however, STOKED to update in January so I can get back to a 5! The 6 and 6+ are way too much money and WAY too big for my teeny hands, lol.

Kasi Zlochevski said...

I'm the same way, I'm still using my 4S which people frown upon these days lol. But it still works fine (with occasional glitches), spending so much money to simply upgrade to the latest thing isn't something that I like to do. When my phone finally dies I'll probably upgrade to the 5s, since they will be cheaper than the 6!

Camila said...

I'm not an early adopter for anything - I like my deals and I'd rather spend the 300$ on a trip somewhere haha

Christina McCall said...

Tell me about it with the phone covers! I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 in February (and only because my crappy Moto phone was dying on me) -- before the S5 came out -- and then as well as now, I have fun finding phone covers I like. No problem finding iPhone ones, no problems finding clearanced S3 covers or new S5 options. S4? I snagged several cute ones + a few Otterbox ones while I can find them! Granted, because I didn't want to lose my unlimited data w/ Verizon to get contract rate, I paid full price for mine, so a good (read: sturdy) cover is a must so it lasts at least two years ... preferably more!

Jess said...

It's terrifying knowing that you must make your phone last for two years! After that I seem to not care as much.

Jess said...

A trip sounds much better than a thinner, faster phone!

Jess said...

My thoughts exactly! I was due to upgrade in June and have been waiting. I think I may wait a little while longer to see how much longer it will last.

Jess said...

I totally understand the feeling about phones being too big for your hands :)

Joyce Pak said...

I really wish that the US telecom industry were more like the one abroad. In Europe & Asia, you have to buy a phone a retail, but the monthly service charge is a lot cheaper. I rather have a choice to switch phones or service providers whenever I want to, rather than to get a subsidized phone that comes with a super expensive contract you can't escape. I would probably upgrade to the 6 if I were not in the US right now. I would sell my 5S on eBay for $500-600, buy a 6 for $800, so essentially be able to get the 6 at a low cost, with a relatively cheap monthly service price.

I guess the only reason I would be eager to get the 6 is because I thought the 5's screen was too small for the longest time. It's about time they caught up to the Android sizes. If you get the 5s, let us know what you like about it compared to the 4s!