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Wednesday, September 24, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My TV binge watching habits started pretty young. I sat down in the living room every Monday thru Friday promptly at 5 p.m. to watch Gilmore Girls...for a minimum of seven years. (This was always followed by The O.C. on Soapnet at 3 and's amazing that  I got any homework done.) As you can imagine, I watched the series through multiple times. So much so that I memorized those quick-witted, long-winded soliloquies that were Amy Sherman-Palladino's specialty. I watched the series so much that I notice the immediate shift in the tone of the show once Palladino left (*ahem* Logan...)
And in case you haven't been on Buzzfeed lately, you will know that Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix in seven short days! I now get to watch the series commercial free at a rate when my TV will continuously ask me if I am still watching because I haven't hit pause in several hours. I can't wait. 153 episodes, although I'm still on the fence about watching the last season, I always get frustrated by Rory's behavior and end up yelling at the screen a lot. 

And now for my favorite episodes and GIFs (which surprisingly centered around Paris Gheller, just go with it):

1. Season 1, Episode 1 "Pilot" (le duh) It makes me want to pack up everything and move to a quaint New England town.
2. Season 2, Episode 9: "Run Away, Little Boy” Three words: Chad Michael Murray. The early 2000s really were a great time for television. 

3. Season 2, Episode 19 "Teach Me Tonight" A study session, which leads to a car crash, which ultimately leads to the relationship that all fans rooted for.
4. Season 3, Episode 9 "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving" Lorelai and Rory prove that they are truly bottomless pits in this holiday episode. It takes much precision, strategy and stretchy pants, but they dutifully make their way from house to house for every variation of Thanksgiving dinner imaginable. 
5. Season 6, Episode 18 "The Real Paul Anka" We find out that Jess, the kid no one thought would amount to anything, actually has his life in better order than most of the cast, and much more so than Rory. What little hope we had of his return to the show ended in this, his final episode. In my humble opinion, the show just spirals downhill from here. 


Camila said...

Oh I LOVE GG! So bad - when I was in grad school I met this girl and we quickly bonded over our constant quoting of GG haha I can't say I hate the last season - although I can understand being annoyed at Rory!

Bree West said...

Last season results in a lot of yelling at the screen in my world as well! Honestly so excited that it's finally going to be on netflix!

Sarah | Sky Envy said...

I love the Gilmore girls too! I catch a few episodes here and there when on cable. Excited I can watch it on netflix!

Caroline @ TheCollegeCosmo said...

I'm glad you agree about the last was such a shame to end an amazing show on a bad season. But I'm still excited to re-watch the rest of it!

Amanda Greer said...

Oh man, it's been years since I've watched Gilmore Girls! Can't wait!

Jenn said...

my favorite show <3 I've watched it all the way through about 5 times. I agree with you about the last two seasons. Not my favorites.

Jess Hnatiuk said...

EKKKK!!! I just can.not.wait for October 1st! I never knew how many fans there were out there until they made the Netflix announcement!!!! We should totally make a fan group for this monumental event! :)