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Monday, August 31, 2015 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Monday, August 31, 2015

Samantha and I leave for our week-long adventure in Germany and Austria on Saturday. We've been planning and dreaming about this trip in some form or fashion since graduation two years ago. The destination changed several times along the way and for the past year we have been working out all of the details and brushing up on our Hapsburg history. Part of the thrill of traveling for me is planning because extends the excitement a little longer. 

During our semester abroad, we did little planning outside of picking our favorite destinations and booking a place to stay. Other than that, we showed up, wandered around, explored, and did things as we stumbled upon them. Which was fine. But other than finding every gelato stand in Venice, I feel like I may have missed out a little or didn't fully appreciate what I was looking at because I had zero historical or cultural context for the area. 

For the most part, this will not be one of those trips. I would like to leave feeling like I saw and did everything I wanted to and it would be ok if I never made it back for a second visit. You can follow along on Instagram @jesskboyd

In other life news, I got a new job! This week will be the last at my current job, next week I'm on vacation, and then I start at my new agency right after I return. Needless to say, the next month will be chaotic. But in an exciting way. 

My newsfeed is filled with new moves and adventures. Many of the friends I graduated with are on their second city. At times I love that I've finally started to feel at home. I don't have to use Google maps every time I get in the car. I have my favorite restaurants and coffee shops. I'm comfortable. As nice as that sound, I don't want to grow too settled into a routine where I wake up in five years not realizing where the time has gone.

This is the time to explore, wander, dream, try new things and see new places. Although I won't spend a year biking from Oregon to Patagonia, I want to be conscious of not slipping into a rut simply because it makes me comfortable whether it eventually ends in a move and a leap of faith, or simply mixing it up more at home. 

What do you do when you begin to feel restless staying in one place too long? 

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