Floridian Stereotypes that May or May Not Have a Hint of Truth

Thursday, August 13, 2015 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Thursday, August 13, 2015

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1. We all go to Disney World every single weekend. Although it is centrally located in the state, I've yet to go once in the 1.5 years of living here and at $100 per person/per day I don't plan on it anytime soon.

2. And if we happen to not be at the happiest place on earth, we are at the beach. You can be at the coast within an hour or so from most areas of the state and can enjoy a beach day or weekend almost year round to avoid the crowds.

3. Flip flops and/or sandals are worn year round. I'm not a fan of the "sweatshirt and sandal" look. Plus I love booties and loafers too much to want to deal with sandals in the fall/winter.

4. It is overrun by tourists and snowbirds. This is more true farther south, but there is a sharp increase in northern license plates and RVs between January and May.

5. It is a constant vacation. If only. Living in one of the most popular tourist destinations, it's exciting to either plan short trips in-state or find a lesser-known city to enjoy a getaway. 

6. Coats are required if the temperature dips below 65. And if it hovers around the freezing point during the day, then everyone spirals into a minor panic.

7. All of the murder trials covered by HLN are in Florida. Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, and Michael Dunn to name a few. Nancy Grace should consider relocating from Atlanta to the sunshine state. 

8. The news is filled with bizarre stories that would only happen here. For example, the Florida Man Twitter handle.

9. Alligator sightings are a common, every day occurrence. This is one I try to avoid at all costs. Similar to comparing going into the ocean to going to the shark's house, going to the river/lake/golf course in Florida is similar to going to the alligator's house. 

10. There is a Publix on every corner. This is one I wish were true and with the amount of new stores opening, it is a real possibility. Publix truly is where shopping is a pleasure. And home of pub subs. 

Michelle of The Barefaced Chic

Tell us a little about you and your blog. 
The Barefaced Chic is a quirky, imaginative lifestyle blog that offers a slightly wacky sanctuary in a sea of sensibility. Its mission is to bring its a frequent dose of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, sound advice and laughs. And, in this sometimes cookie cutter world, the aim of The Barefaced Chic is to be the chocolate, raspberry crème brûlée!

With a no nonsense approach, within the features on this blog, mature women are encouraged to celebrate themselves, love their quirks and feel happy in their own skin: hence The Barefaced Chic.

It's creator, Michelle, is a massive advocate of living the life we are meant to live and ageing with attitude!

If you could eat only one meal for an extended period of time, what would it be? 
It would have to be lobster, of seafood of any kind - I think I may have been a mermaid in a former life :)

Any suggestions for TV shows to binge watch this summer?
I'm not a massive TV watcher, I tend to pop a DVD on when I'm in a 'slob in front of the telly mood'. The last thing I watched was Breaking Bad - I watched it end-to-end one long weekend.

Any upcoming travels/adventures on the horizon? Anywhere you are dying to go? 
I am incredibly lucky as I travel a huge amount for both business and pleasure. I don't really tend to like the 'norm' so sitting around the pool in the sun is not really my style. For my honeymoon four years ago my hubby and I packed up our MX5 and drove across France, Spain and Portugal with nothing booked. We almost slept in the car a few times, but it was one heck of an adventure. I'd love to do something similar just across Spain, or maybe drive Route 66.

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