Why Home Offices Shouldn't Be in Close Proximity to Netflix

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your workspace can make or break your productivity. Too cluttered with paper and half-thought-out ideas and you may end up abandoning it in favor of another more zen spot. On the other hand, if your desk is too sterile, all inspiration is stifled. 

WeWork inspired this post to discuss the things that I love about my current work space, I started thinking about how my mini alcove is a far cry from the home office of my Pinterest dreams. However, I love the clean, simple lines of the desk and that the space is open and bright. When I first moved in the idea was to keep the surface pristine, however there are now piles of books, notecards, mail and pens stacked in a semi-coherent order over most of it. Note to self: never underestimate the importance of drawers. 

Although i have a desk and chair, I almost always end up with my laptop sitting on the couch or, if I need to spread out, the dining table. I've thought about if I would be able to work from home. from this apartment. And while i enjoy my space, my bed is only five steps away and so is my TV and Netflix so i think the temptation would be too much. 

As much as I love my apartment, I enjoy working away from home. Should I ever decide to take a leap of faith and freelance or start my own business or telecommute for a company, I would look into renting a shared work space, at least a few days a week and especially if it affords a place to meet with clients. WeWork has beautifully designed co-working locations in major cities across the country designed for startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Whether you need a place to mix up your routine a couple days a week, or a conference room to host meetings with your growing team, they have something for every up-and-comer. 

And if Samantha would get her way and convince me to move to the Lonestar state (not that I don't want to on my own!) then i would definitely consider snagging a seat in the WeWork studio.


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