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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hi, I'm Dixie and I will be taking over the blog today. My main past time and duty is standing watch over the front door. From my perch on top of the couch I can survey my kingdom and intimidate anyone or anything that happens to walk by. I strike fear into the heart of mailmen, children on bikes and squirrels alike. Beware to anyone who tries to approach the front porch. However, if they are brave enough to enter the front door, I will hide behind the nearest person or cat to cower in fear. I may be a pint-sized guard dog and alarm system, but I have little practice following through with my empty threats. 

And when I'm not at my day job, I enjoy long naps and eating cookies. Dachshunds are a burrowing breed, so it's no surprise that I require multiple blankets in my kennel at all times so I can bury myself under them to the point that I am stuck and need assistance getting out. I am also a conissour of cookies. Lemon Oreos are my preferred choice, but I will settle for regualar vanilla Oreos, shortbread Girl Scout cookies or Pecan Sandies.

My one goal in life is to tree a squirrel. They taunt me and know that they can out climb me. One day though...I will catch them.

Christina of Route Bliss

Hello, I'm Christina of Route Bliss. While I've been blogging for over a decade now, Route Bliss itself has only been around since the Summer of 2013. RB (as I've dubbed it) is where I share my love of travel and photography as well as what I'm learning on my journey to healthier living (adapted recipes as well as running and fitness tips and grumblings!).

What is one item that you cannot travel without? 
There's really two I can't go anywhere without : my camera or my pillow. I've made the mistake of using hotel pillows and regretted it for days afterward ... and I have to be able to document everything :)

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Kym of Travel Babbles

Travel Babbles is my creative outlet, my diary, my recipe book, my photo album, and my travel journal. It’s a collection of my favorite things, pieces of my heart, our hockey life, our loss, what inspires me, and the many things that make me smile.

What is one item that you cannot travel without? 
Besides my husband TJ - my dog Brutus! Crazy answer, I know, but we've actually turned down hockey contracts because my dog wouldn't be able to come with us or he'd have to be quarantined for a bit. Brutus provides such a source of comfort and friendship when I'm alone in a new city, and he forces me to get outside at least twice a day to explore. I've learned to live on very little (and out of only one suitcase!) so materialistic things aren't a necessity in my travels.

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Kaelene Spence said...

Love when the dogs get to take over the blog. Dixie is adorable:)

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

My family has had three dachshunds and they have all liked to perch on the top of the couch too!

Charlene Maugeri said...

He is way too cute!

Jess said...

dixie thinks so too haha :)

Jess said...

it must be a dachshund trait! they have such dynamic personalities, i love it :)

Jess said...

haha thanks! who knows, maybe it will become a regular occurrence.