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Wednesday, October 29, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| , |

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Years ago I had to accept the fact that I would never have Serena van der Woodsen hair, the long "I just rolled out of bed like this" hair. My hair is so thick that if I ever tried to grow my hair out too long I would start looking more like Cousin It that an "It Girl."

It all started with a semi-spontaneous trip to a new hair stylist and a photo of Zooey Deschenel to get bangs. Which then turned into "I'm in France for three months, don't speak enough French to navigate a successful haircut and TSA won't allow scissors in my carry-on" hair that was as close as I would get to Serena because I learned that no one in Europe straightens their hair (praise! because that saved me an extra 20 minutes every morning.) And then, in another semi-spontaneous trip to a second new hair stylist and a photo from Pinterest, I kept the bangs and ditched the length.

Now I have accepted the fact that I have a face for shoulder length hair. I'm writing this as a reminder to myself in six months when I have the grand idea to grow my hair out again. Future self, save yourself the frustration of the awkward hair length and split ends and embrace the long bob.


Natalie Groth said...

I have been wanting to cut my hair off so bad... but I finally got it really long! Your hair looks wonderful!

Rachel @ Me Myself and Atlanta said...

Your hair looks great! I always have the should I get bangs/should I not debate and the fact it's so hot here in summer always persuades me to stay bang free! Oh and I straightened my hair in the UK everyday...I think it's just the French, oh and definitely the Germans...!

Chelsea said...

Ah, that Serena van der Woodsen hair is the dream..and totally unattainable haha. Bangs look so great on you!

Svenja67Beer . said...

Kinda going through a bit of trouble with my hair right now! I love how long it is but the ends are just really split, which means I need a trim either way. But working as an AuPair means there is not really time to do anything with your hair, so I'm thinking about just chopping it off as well. Your hair looks absolutely amazing and I really hope that I'll love mine just as much as yours. I probably won't go for bangs but the shoulder length definitely! :D

Erika said...

There really is nothing like finding the perfect haircut after a long struggle. I've just recently gotten my hair situation figured out as well. The long bob looks great on you!

Mihaela said...

It looks so nice on you! I recently chopped off more than half of my hair and I have roughly the same length now and it's so great in so many ways. For once I actually don't need to spend 10 hours washing and blow-drying it. :D

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