Weekly Wishes No. 2

Monday, October 7, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm one of those people who sees the weekend as a rest from the week instead of a continuation of the crazy that is Monday through Friday, so I'm usually in a good mindset when Monday rolls around. And I have unpacked my fall clothes, so I demand that the thermostat not go above 80.

LOFT had their typical 40% everything sale this weekend (like they always do when I happen to be in their store/looking at their website) and I might have outdone myself a little. To help me sleep better at night, I tell myself that it is an investment in my future. Plus, I get rewards points for using my LOFT card. Guess who earned $20 in store credit? This girl. Basically, I was making money shopping. Don't agree with my logic? Then you must live a sad life.

Do you remember the first (and only) time I linked up with Weekly Wishes? It may have been a month ago, but I would just like to tell the world that I did eventually complete all of my goals.

Here's a recap:

1. Update my resume // You can view my entire digital portfolio here.

2. Organize my planner // I have found a good balance between day planner and Google calendar that works for me. Which leads me to my third goal.

3. Step away from the tv // You might not believe me, but I did tone down my consumption the past month, but now that goal is a moot point.

On to this week's goals:

1. Link up with Weekly Wishes on a regular basis // Yes, I'm that person would has to be reminded to set a reminder. But setting goals, and more importantly keeping up with your progress, is a great way to feel like you have gotten things accomplished.

2. Try a new recipe each week // I can already check this one off my list. Recipe to come later this week.

3. Update my blog design and content // In honor of Stamp in my Passport's first birthday, it is getting a complete facelift and I can't be more excited for it!

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Alex Fahey said...

I love your t.v. line up!

Megan C. Stroup said...

Awesome portfolio! It looks great.

Kayli Schattner said...

Ah, I'm so excited to see your new design. I'm sure it will be just as fabulous as you are! x

Stephanie Kirby said...

Welcome back to Weekly Wishes! :) Fantastic accomplishments! Can't wait to see what recipes you're going to post! Yum!Good Luck on this week's goals! I want to redesign my blog too! Do you do your own design or do you work with someone else? And if so, who?
Have a great day!
Stephanie @ Meet With a Smile

Rach said...

Trying a new recipe each week is a great idea! I always get stuck in cooking rutts! Oh and the portfolio looks great!!


Rachel from Brachel Boulevard

Angela Wiebe said...

good luck with your goals!! I want to do the new recipe a week thing but I am not yet up for it. Maybe in a few weeks! I hope your goes well!

Britta Marie said...

Oh I totally agree with your logic of making money by shopping .. it just works! ;)

Raine N Skye said...

No way. My goal last week was to watch more TV haha!
And definitely link up regularly. I find this link-up really motivating.
I'm aiming to cook more too. Can't wait to see what recipe you made.
Good luck with this week's goals. Looking forward to the new blog look.

Ali Berlinski, a beautiful mess said...

I love your idea about making a recipe each week. I have a ton of cookbooks and a subscription to Cooks Illustrated and I never use recipes. Good luck with your wishes! Post a pic of your culinary conquests!

Allison said...

It's such a great idea to try at least one new recipe a week. I used to be so much better about that. It really helped me to get out of a cooking rut. Now I'm trying to rethink all of my favorite recipes for a boat kitchen... if you come across any easy one pot meals, pass them along! :)

Jess said...

Um, that is awesome shopping logic. Why would you think about it any other way?

I really like your goal of trying a new recipe each week. Life needs variety! Hope you share some winners with us :)

Happy first blog birthday!!!

Glad you are back for Weekly Wishes and good luck this week!

xoxo Jess
Foreign Room