Weekly Wishes No. 9

Monday, December 2, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Monday, December 2, 2013

Five days of classes and four finals are all that stand in between me and graduation. How crazy is that? Last week my goal was to enjoy my time at home and it was probably the easiest goal I have ever set for myself, and I'm perfectly ok with that. I almost went seven days with seven different desserts, on top of Thanksgiving lunch, so this week I am pretty much done with eating.

My goals this week are to: 
1. Go to class. Easier said than done. Surprisingly I have no projects or tests left to do for this week, so as long as I show up for class, I'm golden. 

2. Eat healthier and exercise to make up for the plethora of desserts last week. I'm a little shocked that I didn't become diabetic after all my sugar intake. 

3. Resist all of the Cyber Monday deals that I don't really need. I am always a sucker for 80% off deals, especially when they are accompanied by free shipping. 


Sarah Wheeler said...

That's so exciting that you're almost done with school! I remember that feeling, almost surreal, right? Good luck with your goals this week. I, too, am aiming to eat healthier this week to make up for the loads of food I ate over the holiday weekend! Fingers crossed this happens!

Anonymous said...

Literally lol-ing about your cyber Monday goal, I am right there with you! It's so hard to not buy everything! Stay strong ;)

Pristine said...

Free shipping gets me every time! Especially because I have an Amazon prime membership. Free 2-day shipping? Dangerous


Kaysie said...

You're so close to finishing!!

Crystal @ Dreams, etc. said...

Cyber Monday deals are hard to avoid! I actually managed to avoid most, but one thing that I've had my eye on had a buy one get one free sale today, so I decided that it was too good to pass up! I need to get back into an exercise routine this week, too. I only missed one week but I don't want to miss anymore of that. Good luck with your Weekly Wishes. Enjoy your last week of classes! :)

Jess Boyd said...

BOGO deals are so hard to pass up. Especially when they throw in free shipping as well. I stayed strong and just avoided my email like the plague haha.

The Travel Hack said...

Did you manage to resist the cyber monday deals? I'm pleased to say that I did but now I'm regretting it and could do with a bargain party outfit!

Jess Boyd said...

I did! Well I did shop at one store online Sunday, but it still has yet to ship. I've heard of a lot of problems with orders taking a long time to process after cyber week due to the high volume of orders. Glad I wasn't really waiting on anything important.