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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport| , , |

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I've always been told that I have neat handwriting. And that I hold my pens and pencils strange, but I blame my teachers for never correcting me. For Christmas, I recieved a basic tool kit to teach myself calligraphy. I've always wanted to have a hobby/creative talent, and thought, what better time to start?

So now I am in search of tutorials and youtube videos to teach myself.

The front-runner (and most expensive at $95) is the 30 day online course supervised by Melissa Esplin of I Still Love Calligraphy. With 8 lessons and printable guides for practice, you will learn Copperplate Calligraphy and pointed pen techniques. While in the course, you can upload your work and get feedback from Melissa each week. On top of teaching the traditional techniques, she also talks about how to put your own spin on it.

Here are other sites and tutorials that I have found.
1. The Flourish Forum's Contemporary Pointed Pen Calligraphy tutorial
2. Digital download beginner tutorial (including terminology, how to dip a pen, etc.)
3. Modern Calligraphy by graphic designer Molly Suber Thorpe (blog: Plurabelle)

And now for a little inspiration.  
MISS B | BESOTTED             


LifeChangesii said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to learn calligraphy since I was a little girl. Maybe I should add this on my list of things to do next year. Thanks for posting the links.

Annabel Krantz said...

Learning calligraphy is on my bucket list! I'm also often told that my handwriting is lovely and neat, but I hold my pen very weirdly - I never got my 'pen licence' in school!

Alyssa Dillon said...

This is so cool! I probably will never have the patience for calligraphy, but it is beautiful!


Jess Boyd said...

I really hope I have the patience to stick with it! I would love to eventually move on to doing my own typography prints.

Jess Boyd said...

BAHAHAHA pen license. Well, all I remember is that I had to stay in the extra penmenship sessions in first grade, probably because they thought I held my pen wrong. Oh how I wish I would have had those extra 15 minutes to play. Guess it paid off in the long run!

Jess Boyd said...

You're welcome! And you should learn this year, too!

Annabel Krantz said...

Ohh we never had to stay behind for extra penmanship lessons! Poor thing :p Lucky for me, I changed schools and nobody noticed I hadn't been granted the 'licence to write in ink'. Good luck with your calligraphy :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

I definitely need to check these out! I have been yearning to learn how to write such lovely calligraphy... 2014 is the year! Thanks for sharing :)

xoxo Jess
Foreign Room