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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring has arrived in Florida, and with it humidity and pollen in full force. There is not a worse combination than big, frizzy hair and sounding like you have been smoking a pack a day. But the days are long and I can finally hose off my porch and take advantage of it. For those of you in the midwest, I'm sure above-freezing temps are on their way, if they haven't made an appearance yet. 

These tech items for designers and bloggers have me wanting to make a large Amazon order asap. I love handlettering and would love to incorporate it digitally but it's such a complicated process without a wacom tablet or a decent scanner. le sigh. One day though.

The next time I'm in Paris, I'm staying in this Airbnb apartment in Montmartre. Oh the views, and the TWO balconies. It would be would be worth the long trek into town to see the sights to be able to wake up and overlook quaint Parisian rooftops.

And while I'm in Europe, I might as well hop over to my next favorite city, Edinburgh

Sit behind a desk all day? Try these yoga poses you can do at your desk. Don't worry, the strange looks from your cubemates are just because they are stressed because they haven't done desk yoga yet.

Lauren Conrad's new collection for Kohl's has my name written all over it. Give me all of the floral dresses.

Confession time. Making friends after college in a new town is hard. I wish I would have had these tips a year ago. Gone are the days of having a building and class full of instant friends and people to hang out with 24-7.

I personally loved my experience as an only child. I think it made me much more independent and I'm always interested to find out how other people enjoyed growing up without siblings constantly creating chaos. 

Stop what you're doing and watch the Friskee's "Dear Kitten" video series. It is advertising gold. Who can resist cat videos? Cold, heartless people, that's who. 


Sara Beth said...

I was an only child too! While I always wanted to sibling (to entertain me), like you I don't think I'd change the experience because it definitely shaped who I am today. Thanks for the links!

Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor said...

We're currently n the Florida Keys and I can't believe how frizzy and crazy my hair has gotten! It sure is hind here!

Kristin C said...

Gosh! I wish we'd get in full-force spring!
I'm thankful that it's warmer, but the news keeps telling me not to get too excited :/

And I love LC's new collection too! So cute!

Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

Jess said...

i want every piece from the collection! and it will be here before you know it :) thanks for stopping by kristin!

Jess said...

hahaha i can only imagine it's pretty bad in the panhandle too. i don't trust any of the "anti-frizz" products. ALL LIES!!

Jess said...

Thanks for stopping by sara beth! yes, there were times that i wish i had someone to entertain me too. i guess i just learned to play well on my own.