6 Habits of a Coffee Lover

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You measure coffee in pots, not cups. A Keurig is not economically practical for your coffee needs and the phrase "single serving" should not be limited to 12 ounces of liquid energy.

Picking your favorite drink is near impossible. In the morning, you may crave iced coffee or an Americano, but by lunchtime and your afternoon pick-me-up a latte may be more of your taste. And coffee with desert is not even a question. There is no better pairing.

Your kitchen counter is cluttered with coffee makers. Traditional, french press, pour over, chemex, kettles you name it you have it and they are proudly lining your kitchen counters. Perhaps you might go so far as to say that they are practical decorative artwork for your kitchen.

You are on a first name basis with baristas. Especially if you study or work from a coffeeshop on a regular basis, you will quickly become familiar (or even friends) with the baristas working around that time. Bonus points if they memorize your drink order or take an extra few moments creating insta-worthy latte art.

An entire cabinet is dedicated to your collection of mugs and travel tumblers. Some collect purses, for some it's shoes, but for you it's mugs. You can't resist. Plus, you need multiple travel mugs on the off-chance you accidentaly leave one at work.

Speaking of mugs, they are a representation of all of the places you have been to. Who needs magnets, t-shirts, pens or throw blankets to remind them of vacations past? You can also justify the purchase since you will use them on a daily basis. Plus, they are a fun conversation starter when you have people over.

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Jasmine Maria said...

I have a mug collection problem. Lol I love them. I don't have a tumbler problem yet. But I do go on Etsy a lot and start "favoriting" the ones I really want. lol

Zoe said...

All of these are so true. Definitely the points about mugs (I have a really disgusting amount cluttering up my cabinets that I just can't get rid of!), but I especially love the picking your favorite drink. Each day it seems I'm in the mood for something new! How could I possibly pick just one? This is the sweetest post :)