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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is it just me, or does 2015 feel like it breezing by quicker than usual? It is the first weekend of spring, and before I know it I will be exploring the Bavarian Alps. As a dreamer and an over-planner, I tend to have a problem with living in the moment and enjoying life as it comes. Anyone else suffer from this? Any helpful suggestions? 

According to this article, your two most productive hours of the day could be the two after you first wake up, which most of us spend checking email or catching up on the news/Twitter.

Eight common sleep myths that can affect your slumber. College taught me that you cannot in fact make up a week's worth of lost sleep on the weekend.

I've wanted to visit Kiawah Island, SC since the HGTV Dream Home was there several years ago. Natalie has a complete guide of where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and most importantly how to get to the remote barrier island. I was loving the post until I saw the up close and personal photo of a gator and then rethought the trip (gators are something I want to get away from in Florida).

If I ever visit Amsterdam, I would want to time the trip with the annual tulip festival. The combination of walking through thousands of blooming flowers with a waffle or strawberries and cream in hand has my name written all over it.

Although I don't have a studio, I can relate to all of these reasons to love living in a small space. It's safe to say that no matter how large your home is, you will find a way to fill it and will always complain about not having enough storage. Having a smaller space forces you to to constantly clean out closets and rethink purchases before you buy them.

It's no secret that I think doxies are the best dog breed by far. And I believe that Dixie should have made this list of cutest doxies, along with Noodle in the City (which is probably my favorite Instagram account to be honest.)

High school and college was spent watching (and rewatching again and again) Laguna Beach and The Hills. The scripted reality show still left me with lot of important questions that must be answered. Like did Spencer have the landlord's permission to paint the graffiti mural on the wall? And how many coats of paint did it take Heidi to paint over it?


Natalie V. said...

Thanks for the mention, Jess! We've got gators (and snakes and a whole host of other yucky things) in spades--but luckily, they tend to stay away from people. Suits me just fine! :)

Kristin C said...

I am so glad someone understands the awesomeness of Doxies! #11 and #21 are particularly beautiful dogs! I also have discovered a love for Irish Wolfhounds. Those two breeds are the best!
And Kiawah is where my grandaddy used to want to move. It didn't work out, but he seriously looked into for a while!

Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

Ivy Overjoyed said...

Fun fact: did you know back in 1500's people were going broke over tulips? In holland, I believe. They were a sign of wealth.

Thanks for sharing! I loved looking at the "doxies" :)