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Monday, March 16, 2015 | Stamp in My Passport| , |

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring has arrived! (even if according to the calendar, there are still a few more days of "winter", but that is neither here nor there.) And with the warmer temperatures, shedding layers of clothing, opting for sandals as my only footwear, and drinking an endless supply of passion tea lemondades, my mind always returns to Paris. 

I mean, April in Paris is so perfect they even wrote a song about it. Boquets of flowers sold at every corner market, a rainbow assortment of Laduree macarons, fields of lavender and colorful cafes are enough to make a girl swoon and book a one-way ticket. 

Whether stateside or abroad, a few of my favorite moments in spring are: 

1. Floral dresses for every day of the week

2. To match said floral dresses, fresh flowers at home

3. Eating breakfast on the patio

4. Beach trips

5. Roadside produce stands and homemade peach ice cream


Jess // Foreign Room said...

Yes! This is all lovely. It is definitely beginning to feel like spring here in CA too. I'm ready to pull out my floral dresses and sandals! Your collage is beautiful, by the way :)

Ashley Minck said...

I cannot wait for spring to be officially here. I'll definitely be enjoying breakfast on the patio and roadside produce stands.

Brianna DePauw said...

Peonies and macarons, 2 of my favorite things! But honestly, I love everything about this board.

Jess said...

I know peonies are a blogger cliche, but they are just so beautiful and brighten up every room! and i would die for a raspberry or pistachio macaron right about now :)

Jess said...

it will be here before you know it! and then we will be wishing for fall haha

Jess said...

thanks!! i meant to switch out my closets this weekend but didn't have enough time. it definitely has to happen soon.