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Sunday, January 12, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Sunday, January 12, 2014

1. Trends to look out for travel this year. I absolutely agree with them on Virgin Galatic's outer space voyages; I'm perfectly content to spend my time exploring earth first before setting my sights on a galaxy far, far away.

2. Nice was the first destination in my trip to France and, when left on my own to find food, I ended up eating at a Cuban restaurant because it was the only place still open (and I thought the French were supposed to eat dinner late?) Honestly, I didn't hate it. Do I still know exactly what the ingredients in my meal were? No, but that's ok. If you want to have a slightly different and more traditional culinary adventure in Nice, read this article.

3. Have you seen the films by Luminex? I can't get enough of their style. It's what I envisioned for my projects in multimedia storytelling, but somehow got lost between the concept and actualization phases. I love how they share the simplest of moments beautifully.

4. Awards season is upon us! Which mean Joan Rivers is taking to the red carpet to dissect and scrutinize everyone's outfits. But more importantly, it is my time to make a list of all of the movies that I have yet to see, ones that the critics say are absolute must-sees. Typically I have never heard of half of the nominees. To catch up along with me, Entertainment Weekly made a list of their Golden Globe predictions.

5. While I don't think seven days is long enough to see Paris, let alone the highlights of France, you must work with the time constraints you are given. The College Tourist gives a sample itinerary for a spring break in France (Paris, Lyon and Nice.)

Sorry this is a day late, but if you missed Elizabeth's York peppermint brownie recipe yesterday, then you should read it and bake them for your friends. They'll love you for it.


Z K said...

Outer space trips??? Uh, no thank you, Earth is plenty big enough for me, haha.

Pittsburgh Glamour said...

I just found your blog and its adorable! If you get a chance to travel to Ireland you most. Check out a town called Cobh.


Charlene Maugeri said...

We are watching the Golden Globes right now and my list of movies to see is pretty long. lol I'm the same way about not knowing half the movies nominated.