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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

If you had to give an elevator pitch about Oak and Oats, what would you say?Oak + Oats was born out of a desire to create a place that is focused on being rooted and nourished in Truth. It is a place that focuses on the lovely things - like summer adventures, beautiful places, pretty outfits, fall comforts, handmade goodies, heart matters, and Christmas dreams. It is a place to learn & grow - to swing from the tree branches and eat whole grains.

So you're planning a trip to Disney (so jealous!), what Disney character would you most want to be BFFs with and why? 
Oh! This is a tricky one! I would be Belle if I could but I don't think I want her to be my BFF (that would be like hanging out with myself all the time!) Sooo... I would have to choose Rapunzel because she is a whole lot of fun. and then we can go on double dates with her and Flynn and we all know that would be a blast! 
I was reading back through your archives and saw that you visited Norway, which is high up on my travel bucket list. Any suggestions for places to visit and things to see and do?
Norway is awesome! If you have the opportunity you should totally go! My best friend was getting married and I was in the wedding so I spent most of the time with the locals planning the wedding but it still was a blast! the Norwegian culture is so fun - if you ever go there make sure to spend time talking with the locals! they will tell you where to go and what to do! they may even invite you over for a meal which would be the best! when traveling anywhere it is important to step outside of your box! but I will tell you that you MUST go to Larsen if you are in Hamar, Norway! It is one of the most magical coffee shops in the world! 

If you could live anywhere else besides Colorado, where would you most like to call home?
It is honestly hard for me to imagine living anywhere besides Colorado! I moved to Arkansas for college and was so eager to come back when I was finished. The south is a little too hot & sticky for me! If I had to move anywhere, it would be the Northwest (like Portland or Seattle) or the Northeast (like Maine or upstate New York). ORRR Northern Carolina might work. 
Why did you decide to start blogging? What have you learned along the way?
I started blogging when I was studying abroad in Northern Ireland because a friend encouraged me to make one. Ever since then my blog has been a place I posted pictures and processed life. It has evolved greatly and I have discovered passions in me that I never knew and a community of people who would encourage and inspire me! I have learned so much and it is all over the board! Things like what is HTML, how to use my camera, how to find my voice, what & how to use twitter, how to sell ads, how to make my blog look pretty, how to have good blog etiquette.... lots of things like that! It has been a process, my blog was not an overnight success. It has been a journey of four years learning more about myself and learning how to express that best! 

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The wedding photo is soo pretty. What a great pic. She already knows I love her blog!

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