What makes you content?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can you pinpoint a time or a memory or a time when you were blissfully and perfectly content? When the worries of the day, the lists, the goals, the agendas and the planning took a backseat or even dissipated completely? You lived in each and every moment, knowing that all of the stress will be there whether you put all of your energy into it or not.

Sometimes it's important to be present in the here and now, not analyzing the past or predicting the future. Maybe for you (and me) it's putting down the phone and actually listening to what the person across the table from you has to say. Trust me, your Pinterest feed will still be there a few hours later. Put away your day planner and all of its notes, reminders and checklists. 

Take a walk. Outside, not in a gym while catching up on last night's primetime lineup. 

Make something. Whether it's for your home or as a gift to a friend to tell them that you are thinking of them, having something tangible to show for your time and creative energy is wonderful. 

Have lunch alone. Maybe you are one of those people who is constantly surrounded by others and their demands on your time. If so, take an hour just for you. Get lunch or have your nails done and enjoy the quiet time to unwind.

Visit somewhere special. Maybe it's the town that your family always went to for the same week every summer. Or your first road trip on your own. Go somewhere that brings back the best of your memories.

Mar of T.O. and Fro

I am a big city Toronto girl meant for a simple life surrounded by the ocean and mountains. As an environmental educator by day and my hockey-playing hubby's #1 fan by morning, noon and night, I write about life as a travel addict, animal lover, photography junkie and outdoor enthusiast. 

One item I can't travel without:
My camera! No matter where we go, from short road trips to tropical vacations, it is always strapped to my side along with my assortment of lenses. You never know when the perfect shot will present itself.

What you should be reading: 

Jamie of Gunters Abroad

Hey there! I’m Jamie and have recently relocated to England with my husband and my pets. My blog documents our travels, the thrilling ups and downs of expat life and of course, the yummy food of Europe. We love to share our travels and I hope you follow along on our adventures!

What is one item that you cannot travel without? 
Whether by train, plane or automobile, my must have is a good book! Flying makes me a little uneasy sometimes and a book soothes me for sure. My goal of reading 20 books this year is moving right along with all of the traveling we do!

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Allison Lizer said...

I think walks outside are underrated. They're wonderful for the spirit. With a dog I seem to get plenty of those though. It's been a long time since I made something. Without a youth group or girl scout troop to do it with it's been years since I got motivated to craft. Thanks for reminding me I enjoy that.

Going to check out the other lovely ladies' blogs. Have a good Hump Day!

Jess said...

thanks for stopping by allison! can't wait to see what crafts you come up with.