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Thursday, March 20, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am exited to introduce Sarah and her blog's relaunch as Sky Envy (Previously Sarah's Suitcase.) I like to think of Sarah's blog as a trip around the world without having to leave my couch. Her stunning photos bring you into the heart of every city she visits and her posts make you feel like you are right there with her, wether it's a cruise around the Greek isles, or an extended layover in Moscow. 

What made you decide to start blogging?
I have been blogging on and off for a long time now. It started with Xanga, then Live Journal, Tumblr, WP.com, Blogger then more recently WP.org. It was more of a hobby and I wasn’t too serious about it, so I end up leaving/forgetting my old accounts then starting a new one. 
Where did the inspiration for the new site come from? 
I have been wanting for a change with my old blog. The new site look and feel is inspired by looking at some interior design photos. I was moving (again) into a new place and needed some inspiration then I realized I always end up having a clean, minimalist look and decided that’s what I want for the blog too.

What kind of content will you be writing? Is it another travel blog like Sarah's Suitcase?
I would say that it is an upgrade from my old blog. I wouldn’t consider it a typical travel blog. I don’t have reviews of hotels or have a lot of tips for travelers. Rather, it is more of a personal photo diary of my experiences and travels in the States and around the world. 
What lessons have you learned from blogging?
When I purchased a domain and hosting service, I knew that I need to be serious and be more consistent with blogging. What I didn’t know is that it’s a lot more work than I realized. From coming up with new post ideas, to editing photos, actually being on the field getting new content, scheduling it in between your busy life takes a lot of time and patience. I have a lot more respect to bloggers now, especially who have been doing it for a while.
I also learned that blogging is a platform where you can share whatever you want and there are people out there who are interested and take time to actually read your post and follow your life or what you intend to share.

What has been your most memorable trip? 
There are a lot of memorable ones but what I would never forget is when I went on a volunteer vacation in Peru for 2 months.  Aside from our volunteer assignments, I took Spanish lessons, traveled on weekends to different parts of Peru and met amazing people from around the world who are now my friends and shared a lot of memories with. It was definitely a different kind of trip and wished I stayed longer.

What is one foreign custom/cultural practice you wish was common in America?
A hard one to answer but as an observation from other culture/countries, I wish that people here in US are given more free time from work and that people actually use that time leisurely. Of course we can’t change the whole society but even when you have a down time at work, sometimes you feel guilty about not doing anything. I think it shouldn’t be the case and you should be entitled to just relax and not worry about it.

Also we are not given a lot of time to actually be off from work. Traveling around and talking to people, most Americans would cram 3-5 countries in one week because  that’s the only time they have but also Americans are now so used to “seeing more in less days”. To each their own, but I try to take longer time with my travels and just experience it and not be rushed to do things.

I think what I’m trying to say in general is that I wish people are given time and opportunity to live life more, experience the moment and when they do, they are actually doing it and not really living to work, and check off stuff in their to-do list. But that’s just me. 
Now that you are back in the U.S. are you settling down, or are there other adventures on your horizon? 
I do contractual jobs that actually make me travel and be in a city/town for 3 months or longer. I have been doing it for 4 years now, mostly in California, and still be surprised that I have been doing it that long. Part of why I want to continue doing this kind of job is that it allows me to take as much time of as I want and travel the rest of the world.  It gets tiring especially when its “moving time” but I don’t see myself settling down just yet. And when I do, I would still travel as much as I can.


Young Rubbish said...

Beautiful shots! Makes me all giddy about traveling!!

Sky Envy said...

Thank you!