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Tuesday, March 11, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm so excited to introduce Jenny of Wonderfully Complex
for one of the Southern installments of 
Tourist in Your Hometown. 

While at Harding,
I spend many Saturdays driving over to Memphis 
just for something else to do 
besides be in Arkansas.
My highlights: BBQ (le duh), Color Run, and BBQ nachos. 
Did I mention BBQ twice?

Hello friends, I’m Jenny and I blog over at Wonderfully Complex. It’s a lifestyle blog - so I write all about my adventures as a recent graduate, newlywed and young professional.

In June of 2013 my husband I moved to Memphis, Tenn., so he could attend dental school. Before that moment, you could count the number of times we’d traveled to Memphis {combined} on one hand, so this was a completely new city for us.

Now, eight months later, we’re still exploring and finding new and exciting things about our hometown. Every date is a new adventure, and I love the endless possibilities. Memphis has the Southern hospitality of a small town with all the amenities of a big city. It’s a city full of SOUL, which expresses itself in every dish served, song sung and game won.

So, assuming you’re a young, twenty-something like me, who’s more concerned with paying off college debt than planning a dream vacation, I’m going to share with you the bestest, cheapest day full of adventure in Memphis. So come give us a visit!

1. Start off the day with Gibson’s Donuts.
Honestly, this is still on our Memphis bucket list, but we’ve eaten very few breakfasts in Memphis, so you have to give us a break. I hear they have a maple bacon donut that’s out of this world. Yes, the donut actually has bacon on it.

2. Spend your morning at the Memphis Zoo.
{Really?? You’re recommending a zoo?? There’s one of them everywhere!} Yes, but did you know that I actually really don’t like zoos? And the fact that I’m recommending one actually means something? I got to feed a giraffe when I went. A giraffe french-kissed my hand, and it was awesome. This zoo also has all kinds of theme nights and special events. And, tickets are only $8 if you happen to know someone who is a member {we can hook you up}. Go say hi to the panda for me; he’s my favorite.

3. Eat lunch at Las Delicias.
And, yes, now I’m recommending a “typical” Mexican restaurant. But, this restaurant is not so typical. Their chips are homemade, and the best chips I’ve ever tasted - mmmm, warm out of the oven. You can actually buy some to-go if you want. I always follow up several baskets of chips and salsa with a yummy quesadilla. And, the best part is - you can eat plenty of food for under $7 a plate. Remember, we’re on a budget here.

4. Grab some dessert at Frost Bake Shop.
If you’re sweet tooth is long over the donut you had for breakfast like mine would be, then you definitely need to stop by Frost Bake Shop for an Elvis-inspired Cupcake or some Goeey Butter Cookies or some Mississippi Mud Cake - they’ll even warm it up and top it with vanilla bean icecream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

4. Spend the afternoon at Shelby Farms.
This is our go-to spot. We can go for a walk on their many trails, play some disc golf, hang out on the playground, have a picnic, ride horses, ride bikes, play paintball or laser tag, or just enjoy the outdoors. And, most of those activities are free. Yes, sweet free-dom.

5. Eat dinner at Central BBQ, Downtown.
You’ll need to head Downtown for your after-dinner entertainment, so having some legendary Memphis BBQ is a must. Our personal favorite {for our pocketbooks} is Central BBQ. We order a huge serving of BBQ nachos and split the goods. It’s plenty for both of us, and it is oh so yummy. {And it’s under $10! I told you I’ve got your back.}

6. End the night at FedExForum to cheer on the Grizz.
If professional basketball’s not your thing, you at least need to test it out here in Memphis - where we boast the #1 franchise in all of professional sports. We also have the best bang for your buck. So for $10 a ticket {yes, $10} you can see Mike Conley, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph GRIT and GRIND. And, if that’s not enough to convince you, the Grizz Grannies should do the trick. Yes, you read that right.

7. And if you’re still up for some more adventure…

At this point, it’s past our bedtime, but if you need some more adventure... Go walk down Beale Street and see for yourself what all the hype is about. Or, travel down to the Madison Hotel and experience the rooftop lounge with the best views of the Mississippi River {above}. Or, just do how we do and go home, go to bed, and save the next adventure for another day.


Macy Gutermuth said...

Sounds so fun! I hope to visit one day!

Caitlyn @ ChemGradBoom said...

Memphis is pretty close to where I am and now I think I may need to plan a visit :)

Brand New Sunrise said...

This sounds like an amazing time I want to go now please!! I love the giraffe pic that looks super fun as giraffes are my favourites after penguins. I did not know that BBQ nachos that amazing existed but all I need to say is yum!! x

Jenny Fish said...

It would be perfect for a getaway weekend for sure! And I have 52 more dates/activities on my blog:

Jenny Fish said...

You definitely should! It's a great city with tons of character!

Jenny Fish said...

Come on, we'll be waiting! If not for the giraffes or the penguins, then DEFINITELY for the BBQ nachos.

Erin said...

Super jealous you got to feed a giraffe! That is second on my list next to riding a baby elephant (not an adult one, a baby!). And as someone who is not a huge fan of bbq, those nachos looked delicious!


Jenny Fish said...

Well, if you come to Memphis, you can definitely make #2 happen. But, I have no clue where you can ride a baby elephant. I was never a big BBQ fan growing up, but it's definitely grown on me! Thanks for reading!