5 reasons I'm glad I graduated in December

Friday, May 9, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Friday, May 9, 2014

It's a little crazy to think that I have been out of school for an entire semester. I half expected to still be sleeping in my childhood room at this point and just "figuring it all out." But thankfully that isn't the case (Or at least the whole sleeping in a twin bed part.) I'm sure my parents are thrilled about it as well.

Graduating in December and not May does have it's perks though. Like:

1. You don't expect a job immediately. You have to enjoy Christmas break, right? No one is hiring a week before the holidays. Start fresh in the New Year. Or better yet, why not wait until mid-January when all of your friends go back to school? 

2. Fewer graduates to compete for said jobs that aren't available at the end of December. I graduated with 400 in my class as opposed to 950. You can do the math. 

3. Fewer graduates means a shorter ceremony. Let's face it, they can be a little dull. Especially for your family who has to come. At least you can cheer on all of your friends, they have to sit and listen to a long stream of names being called just hoping that they don't doze off during the .2 seconds it takes for your name to be called and you to walk across the stage. Also, is this a good time to talk about the parents taking photos on their iPads? Just stop, please.

4. There are more full time jobs available as opposed to internships. Companies love the summer when they can hire seasonal labor, and if it's not a great fit, well then they can say sayonara in September and be no worse for wear. 

5. Graduating in December means you are either finishing early, or took a victory lap. So you either saved a couple thousand dollars, or were able to defer your loans for five more months while also stretching out your glory days just a little while longer.

In all seriousness, the one thing graduating in December didn't have was the majority of the people I entered college with. To those of you graduating tomorrow, I wish you all the best. And I know you all will do great things.


Charlene Maugeri said...

I graduated early in December and loved it! Oh, except for the going home to live with my parents (in Atlanta) for like 6 months waiting for my fiance to graduate and get married. Knowing that he and all my other friends were still at Harding having fun with few responsibilities (and not living with their parents) was a bit of a bummer. lol

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

How interesting, I never thought of it but since I left for Europe right after I am glad I did it in May rather than middle of winter!

Z K said...

I almost graduated in December, but then chose to hang on for an extra semester, mostly since I didn't want to write two theses (THAT'S RIGHT, TWO!) in four months. Senior year is still super intimidating, but I think I can handle it! These are still awesome reasons - congrats on five months post-grad!

Jess Boyd said...

girl. i don't blame you for hanging on. i did everything i could to get out of the one class in my major that required a research paper. oops.

Jess Boyd said...

well, planning around going to europe trumps everything. and yes, arriving in the dead of winter would be the worst!

Jess Boyd said...

haha true! moving back home is definitely an adjustment and it was kind of hard seeing everyone's photos of spring sing and what not going on while i wasn't there.