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Monday, August 18, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and if school is starting back in your area (they are in mine) I hope your Monday morning commute didn't take extra long. This weekend I went to Jacksonville for a shopping weekend at St. Johns Town Center. It's the perfect set up: hotel, all my favorite stores as well as restaurants all within walking distance of each other. There's no real need to drive anywhere else. Saturday shopping days are made better when you can take a nap in between rounds one and two. 

Since Anjali took over on Saturday (if you missed her post on her favorite trips in Europe, you can find it here), I thought I would push coffee talk back until today, because I just couldn't wait to share some of these posts with you. 

I never tire of reading about other's trips to Paris, see Whitney's here. I love comparing what they ate, saw and did to my experiences. Sometimes they're quite similar and I can completely relate and others, I take note of for my next visit. 

The ladies behind The Everygirl outdid themselves with their office styling with PB Teen. Can I have all of the items, please?

Long bobs are now all the rage with the a-list stars. Sometimes I tire of wearing mine simply straight. Love these ideas to mix it up a little.

Danielle's collection of neutral clothing and accessories have now made it onto my list of must-haves. 

Bedside tables can be a challenge to keep pretty and not simply a catch all for all of the items you want to have close to you in bed so you never have to get up. I love Stephanie's styling, but I'm curious to know if her bedside tables always look this picture perfect on a daily basis?

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Natalie V. said...

I love PB Teen, too! I've long had a love affair with their cute prints and bright colors even though I am way, way, way past being a teen at this point. We're moving into a new house soon (which means more decorating!) and I've been eyeballing one of their comforters for the new bedroom!