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Saturday, August 30, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Saturday, August 30, 2014

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I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the long weekend! As you are reading this, Samantha and I are on our way to Orlando (you can follow along with the adventure here).

I never tire of the preppy-meets-feminine touches of Mackenzie's apartment. Can't wait to see more updates as she settles in to her newest abode.

Breakfast lovers rejoice! Chickfila is debuting chicken and waffles on their breakfast menu! The downside is it is only in selection locations (Tallahassee not included, unfortunately...) Want to see if your area is lucky enough to enjoy the savory/sweet treat? Find out here.

In case you are having a rough week, here are photos of a baby squirrel falling asleep after having a meal. On a side note, I had never seen baby squirrels before, even though they ruled my campus and truly thought it was their home and we were just visiting.

You know you live in a grown-up apartment if... Love this list. I meet a few of the criteria (owning a desk, having a dedicated space to eat and actually hanging up art on the wall with nails and not thumbtacks.) What about you?

Great advice from Jackie on how to pair down your wardrobe. Don't let items you have like and rarely wear take up valuable real estate in your closet. You should be excited every time you pick out an outfit so only keep pieces that are truly special or are the most versatile basics that you can wear forever.

Oh, Nashville. You really one of my favorite cities. And quite possibly you will count me as one of your residents one day. I especially love seeing you though an Aussie's eyes. Thanks Sophie for sharing photos of your visit!

Also, through Tuesday all ad spots are 25% off with code TWENTYFIVE. Get yours before it's too late!


Stacey Greene said...

Orlando is SO close to me! What will you be enjoying while visiting? Enjoy and have fun! :] xo

Jess said...

Yay! Where in FL do you live? I'm going to Universal on Sunday and just hanging around this afternoon once I get there. Any suggestions of non-theme park things to do/places to eat?

Stacey Greene said...

Universal is one of my favorites!!! I definitely suggest shopping! There are two really great outlet malls not too far from the parks, one on Vineland and the other on International Drive. Both have a lot of the similar stores! Just Google Premium Outlets Orlando and they will both come up.
As far as eating, you really can't go wrong with any place. There is a really neat country "twisted farm food" restaurant called Has House a go go on I-Drive near the outlet mall :]
Hope you have an AMAZING time, enjoy! XO