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Saturday, August 23, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Saturday, August 23, 2014

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I have a sixth sense when it comes to scrolling through my Bloglovin feed to find posts about Paris. And I  read This week I'm living through Amanda from Rhymes and Ribbons' post.

I went though a phase where I wanted to Instagram every single meal I ate. Not in a "I want to show you how I can stick to a diet and eat like a rabbit" way, but more in a "I want to remember what dishes I enjoy at a particular restaurant" way.  In case I ever want to take up my food photography, I will be turning to this post from Emma of A Beautiful Mess. I love that she shows comparisons of the first food photos she took and recent ones. She's learned a lot over the years, and we can too!

I still haven't quite settled on a beauty routine and am still trying out different products to see what suits my skin best (which can vary from week to week unfortunately due to stress and diet.) Kasi from Birch Juice shared her morning skincare routine, which is three steps and completely doable for anyone. I hate when people have a 10 step routine because i know I would never take that much time/spend that much money on products.

I don't know about you, but traveling alone sounds like the worst kind of vacation to me, and not just for the "Taken" situations I envision happening. Amanda from Living in Another Language shares her reasons why traveling with someone (a significant other, best friend, family) is better than traveling alone. I couldn't agree more.

Looking for design inspiration for your apartment or a weekend project? Here are ten. 

Do you also sleep with one foot outside the covers? There might be a scientific reason for why this seemingly strange sleep habit helps us fall asleep faster.

In case you missed my previous post on my thoughts about T Swifts new video "Shake it Off." This is a turning point for all awkward dancers out there; perhaps there is hope for us yet.


Camila said...

Completely agree about travelling alone! I'm in no way a social person, but travelling alone makes me sad, like I have no one to share things with etc. I loved Amanda's post!

TheJessaOlsonBlog said...

I have read all these articles. I need to find a beauty routine that works for me. I haven't found anything that works for my skin. Might also have something to do with my moving schedule. I just moved from one extreme to another.

Katie @ The Style Dunce said...

Yes, yes and yes on the 10-step skin-care regimens. Who has the time for that? And is being that obsessive about your skin all that healthy?

Also, I'm going to have to read that post on traveling together being better than traveling alone because I've always encouraged traveling alone, actually. But I guess what I really mean when I say "travel alone" is moving to whatever country you're traveling to alone and then making friends there and going on subsequent adventures with them, so you're not actually traveling alone most of the time. (and of course, I'm referring to extended trips and not like one-week vacations!)