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Friday, October 5, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Friday, October 5, 2012

If you knew me exactly one year ago you would have never seen me in any of the outfits below. 
I lived in t-shirts and nike shorts from age 1-21 ( let it be known i still love t-shirts and nike shorts)
I just wear them in the comfort of my own home or on errands or to the caf/student center at school!!
Ok so i still wear them....pretty often. 
BUT at least now i know i can dress it up if i have to! 

I used to be that girl who wouldn't know style if it slapped her across the face.
Then i went to Paris, and my life and style was a happily ever after moment!!!

Now the headless girl below is indeed me, i was just looking rough this morning
so i decided to do an "off with her head" theme!!! 
I will do this often i'm sure as i love buying new clothes, 
and i will include my smiling face in those future posts!! :)

These are pretty simple outfits, i never do anything complicated because i'm really not THAT fashion crazy. So i try to keep outfits simple and stylish, and i when i'm shopping i try to buy key pieces that i can wear with lots of other outfits, everything in the picture can be used in other ways, which in my opinion is the best way to create a wardrobe!!

In order from left to right..
Sweater - H&M - $24.99
LC Leggings - Kohls - $13.00 (on sale)
leopard flats - Target - $12.00

Teal Chiffon blouse - H&M - $17.99
Skirt - GAP - $10.00 (on sale, bought like 3 years ago)
Heels - Madden Girl @ DSW - $39.00

sweater - Charlotte rousse - $17.99
scarf - H&M - $12.99
black long sleeve scoop neck shirt - Target - $12.00
*leggings and flats same from above.

Striped shirt - H&M - $17.99
*Leggings and heels same from above 

Now for those of you who despise leggings like I used to, there are some fantastic pants right now at American eagle ( ) They are black skinnies and they have the same effect as leggings without actually being leggings, i have some of those too....and i'd more than likely where those in public than the leggings....but leggings are super comfy, i guess if you want to wear leggings out just make sure you have a long sweater to go over your bum, that's the best advice i can give!! 

Until next time ladies and gents...
Have a fabulous weekend, we shall return monday with something special from Miss Samantha! 

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