The Great State Fair of Texas!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This past weekend was fall break so we got a three day weekend, 
which obviously was nice but it made me want more so i made myself have a 5 day weekend, 
leaving school 2 days early and heading to Texas for a fun filled weekend with the family!! 
(yes i missed class)&(yes i'm ok with that)
Ever been to Dallas, Texas? If you have you've probably seen a huge Ferris Wheel in the distance...ehh??? maybe??  It's a magical place called Fair Park, and it's where one of the biggest state fairs in America is held yearly. The State Fair of Texas.
Look at this giant man...his name is Big Tex and he talks to you...he says things like "HOWDY FOLKS WELCOME TO THE GREAT STATE FAIR OF TEXAS" and for some reason i think his arms and mouth move...i'm not 100% sure that's true but i've been going to the fair for nearly 20 years so you'd think i'd know this...
Look at him, he's so huge....and so well dressed...really it's impressive!!! 
Cash is not an accepted form of payment at the Fair, you must pay for any and everything via coupons/tickets.
It's really fun to pay with coupons, makes it seem cheaper than it really is. It's not cheap. You will visit the coupon people numerous times during your visit and buy more than you need, so then at the end of the night when you have tons of coupons left you HAVE to buy stuff you don't need, like saltwater taffy and cinnamon rolls for the next morning of course!

Here's that Ferris Wheel I was talking about, she's huge...i assume she's a she because....well I don't know, just go with it....i feel like her name would be big bertha or something like that!
Out of all of the 20 years iv'e been coming to the fair I have NEVER been on the Ferris Wheel. To be honest it terrifies me to get on a giant spinning contraption, but my sister, who you will see below forced us all to ride it, it was a family moment. We all hopped on and went for a joy ride and apparently once wasn't enough because it took us around twice.
This is my sister Megan (right) and myself (left), she is 24 and married and I love getting to have special moments with her, now that were out of the fighting stage of siblingness...can't tell but we are way up in the sky, like pee your pants high, scary but also really fun!

Oh hey Dallas, your looking mighty smoggy and ever so beautiful!!!!
This is my momma, her name is Joanna, and she's an amazing lady!!!!
This would be my not so little brother Wesley, He's 16 and taller than me, he's also stronger than I am, which is a shame because i can't beat up on him as much anymore...sighhh.

Did i somehow end up back in France? Alas that is not the case, but it is still so very exciting to see this amazingness in Texas!

I shed a tear or two..or three when i found "Crazy Crepes" a State Fair vendor who was making SUPER LEGIT crepes, I couldn't even handle it....want an even sadder story? By the time I found them I was filled to the rim with other food and so i had to pass it up. But she was from France, and I may have thought about ordering in French.

Bonsoir, Je voudrais un nutella crepe merci beaucoup! Yea i still got it!
Another thing i love about the fair, it's just so darn festive. I love merry go rounds and games, we have the most legit Midway ever at the Fair, it's full of those game people yelling at you to come lose all your coupons with their game. It's a scam, a HUGE scam, but if your lucky enough you might just leave with a teddy bear bigger than your vehicle and have to tie it to the roof of your car to get it home. No this didn't happen to us but I did see someone leaving in such a manner!
Finally i think it's appropriate to address the food that was consumed...
Corny dog
Cotton candy
Tornado Twisters
Texas Nachos
Turkey leg
chili pie
Salt water taffy
Candy apple
Cinnamon Rolls

*Let me be clear that this was not all consumed by me...but it was a family affair! We were stuffed and happy and this really only happens once a year so you might as well enjoy it while you can! I like to say that the state fair is the one place you can eat your feelings for an entire year in one day and it's true!

P.S. i got a new phone. It's the iPhone 4S and i'm in love with it. After having a horrible relationship with an HTC inspire an iPhone was a great replacement! The picture quality is pretty impressive for a cell phone. I'm pretty happy with it...ok I love it with all my heart!

Well that's it for me until next time!
have you been to the State fair of Texas? If so tell us what you thought about it in the comments below ;)

Au bientôt!

*If you're new here and have no idea who I am, you can check out my bio Here :-)

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