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Monday, October 1, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Monday, October 1, 2012


Emily and Sam met on Sam's first day of school;
 Sam was an awkward freshman trying to make friends,
and Emily was a sophomore that was trying to adjust back to college life. 
So during that fateful statistics class, 
they slowly became friends and bonded over their same major 
and giggled about life. 
Fast forward 2 years, and they're living together 
and taking all of the same classes. 

A lot can change in three months. 
Sam, Emily and Jess went from complete strangers
to roommates and friends.

Living in Paris together will do that to you. 
Their college has amazing study abroad programs,
and almost on a whim they all decided 
to join a group of nine students 
traveling to Paris for the semester last spring.

It was the best experience that could have ever happened. 
They learned a lot when
spending 24 hours a day with the same small group. 
While it was challenging at times,
it brought them closer together.

Especially the first week traveling when the wind chill was -2. 
Who says you can't bond over the weather? 

Through France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Ireland
their friendship grew. 

Fast forward five months 
and here we are sharing an apartment
and still planning our next adventures. 
Spring break in NYC? Okay :) 

Until then, this is where we will chronicle all of our road trips,
cooking attempts, what we love and more. 


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Hannah Margaret Allen said...

I feel all y'all pain (something I probably should never say especially after living in Europe for 6 months).

Keep the stories coming. I love new blogs (with fabulous and relatable ideas).