Spool No 72

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport| , , , |

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
I wish i could give you a story about how i dressed up as something exciting,
and strutted my stuff looking for free candy wherever i could get it...
but alas that is not how my halloween will go down.

In fact i've been studying all week and haven't even been able to enjoy the festivities...boo :(

This is my vocab list for Entrepreneurial Management....
it's over 120 terms....blehh
I just finished taking the test and there was probably....
6 terms from this list on the test.....annoying!

Apart from the studying i was able to decorate some pumpkins last week....
by decorate i mean i bedazzled and painted them...
I did not dig into them, no no that's not my thing!!!

Aren't they cute?? :) 
So since i have nothing exciting to share for halloween 
i decided to share one of my new favorite online shops that i'm currently addicted to.
I hope you find it beneficial, and i hope you don't go into debt now that you know about this dreamland of a clothing store ;) 
So while perusing through Pinterest i found a new store, a store that has stolen a lot of my money...
and by stolen i mean i gave it to them freely....
I'm addicted....
The store can be found here www.spool72.com 
I feel like they are very vintage inspired, which i love, which is why i throw my money at them!!
They have everything you could want except for pants....
which is ok because i'm not a big pants buyer...
I mean....i wear pants....ALWAYS....but i'd rather buy a fun dress or boots...you know???

So if you're just sitting here browsing away on the inter-webs then check this store out. 
You won't regret it.....unless you buy way too much and use all of your savings.
Which is called....drum roll please.....cognitive dissonance...AKA Buyers remorse
I just used one of my vocab words ;) 
I'm a genius!

But really look at how cute all of this is, i can't even handle the bag in the bottom right corner
so so cute!!!!

And that sweater and THOSE BOOTS....i'm reaching for my credit card as we speak....

Did i mention it is all relatively cheap...yea, now your reaching for your credit card too....

You're welcome :)

We love finding new stores so if you know of any please share 
so we can continue to be fashion forward & broke ;)



A and B said...

Love those pumpkins and spool 72! It is amazing!

Stamp in My Passport said...

Ah Thank you :-) and I know isn't it an amazing I spend way too much money on boots and sweaters there haha :-) thanks for stopping by!!!