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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

As you can see, Cat mainly came to my house to nap.

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Cats are trending on social media. Instagram has a lot to do with this; search “#cats” or “#catlady” to fully understand. Along with knitting oversized sweaters, your cat-loving aunt is on her way to becoming queen of the hipsters. 

This week, film critics are gathered in Park City, Utah, to screen the best of this year’s independent films at the Sundance Film Festival. What you might not know is that simultaneously, there is a Cat Dance Film Festival online as well. Five aspiring filmmakers and cat lovers created short films starring their favorite furry animals. Some of the titles include “Catalogue” and “A Cat’s Guide to Caring for Humans.” Perhaps Harding’s Five minute film festival should add a feline category next year. 
No one can resist a marathon of the television show “Too Cute Kittens,” which follows the lives of a litter of kittens from birth until six weeks when they go on to other homes. I would love to have the job of writing the narration and story lines for all of the kittens. It is impossible to continue having a bad day after watching an episode, or two or three.
The 2009 documentary “Cat Ladies” brings the cuteness of cats back down to Earth. The movie takes viewers into the lives of Diane, Margot, Jenny and Sigi, whose self-worth is now found in their cats. The movie is hilarious until you stop to think that it is real. It is quite sad watching how far their lives have spiraled out of control. Decisions are not made based on what they want, but what they think their cats want. Over time they gave up on spending time with friends. Collecting cats becomes a pastime for some, even to the point of animal services being called in to rescue the cats. A low point in the film is when Sigi’s cats are taken away and she comes to realize that she is all alone in her house. 
Here are a few tips to make sure you do not turn into a cat lady. First, limit the number of cats you own. If you can’t remember all of their names, it’s time to stop rescuing more. Second, make sure your Instagram feed is not filled with pictures of your feline friends. People grow tired of parents posting photos of their newborns all the time, so you can be sure that they do not want a play-by-play of your cat’s life. And if you find yourself telling your cats about your day, it is time to call and talk to a real person.

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