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Friday, June 28, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 4: Publicly profess your love and devotion for some of your favorite bloggers.

My mornings are filled with several of my favorite things: coffee, Good Morning America and blog reading. My mornings could only be made better if I had enough time to indulge in brunch, because it's my favorite meal of all time. But that's another story completely.

These four lovely ladies are bookmarked on my computer and I always enjoy catching up on what they have to say. And if I love their blogs, then I know you will too.

1. Lauren of Aspiring Kennedy

Lauren was the director of my study abroad program, which means that while she was enjoying the Swiss bliss, I was also tumbling down the slopes with her. Aspiring Kennedy was the first blog that I started reading on a regular basis {Before that, I didn't really believe that bloggers lived other lives outside of their internet persona.} I always love reading about Lauren, Tyler and Viola's latest adventures and I know that my next European vacation will be filled with her suggestions. Especially about places to eat. The first lesson I learned when studying abroad was to follow Lauren at meal times, because she has a sixth sense about where the best food is.

2. Katie of Kate + Nate

Katie is the faculty adviser for student publications and one of the pr professors at Harding. So we see a lot of each other. Our shared love of doxies, pink, paper products, typography and television is an added bonus. She write about all of her wonderful purchases, which considering Searcy does not have a mall of any size is quite the accomplishment, vacations, recipes and her fur baby, Kevin (who is my second favorite doxie behind Dixie.)

3. Michelle of On the Adventure

Michelle, while I do not know her in real life, is one of those that I feel like I have known forever after reading her blog. She writes a lot about her advenures living in Texas. I know Texans are always talkinga about how perfect and superior their state is above all others, but I never believed them. However, Michelle has shown that there are lots of places to visit that aren't swarming with cowboys and oil tycoons. We are also soul sisters where music is concerned, so I always enjoy her playlists and listen to them for days on end.

Casey lives with her husband in Germany and it seems like they are alwaus traveling to one European country or another. I didn't make it to Germany when at HIP, so I live vicariously through her posts. I see expat blogs as being able to see the world without having to spend a dime. Casey is not afraid to go off the beaten path and find those hidden gems far away from the tourist traps. Also, she loves to go on cruises, too. I've decided that a cruise is the only way to visit the Mediterranean after reading about her trip.

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katie said...

Jess you are just the sweetest! I love reading your blog too! Keep it up!