I'm off to Texas tomorrow

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport||

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Are you as excited as I am for this upcoming long weekend? 

Celebrating America’s independence would have been that much better if it included a U.S. quarterfinal match, but you can’t win ‘em all.I’m off to Ft. Worth to celebrate in the one state that is always rumored to want to succeed from the country. The irony is not lost on me. 

This trip, like all that Samantha, Emily and I go on, will be spent trying to recreate our Paris experience in America. Fondue, pain au chocolate and an impressionist museum anyone? Also, I would just like to take the time to mention that true friends are those that call you from the grocery store and ask you what kind of croissants you would like to have. Correct answer: ALL OF THEM. 

In my absence, I have two lovely ladies filling in for me to fill your blog feed with tales and photos of adventure in case you are stuck at home. Christina will be talking about her favorite long weekend destinations tomorrow, followed by Mar with her top five things to see and do in Alaska.


Abbie Osborn said...

ooo, have a great time! Just wondering, where was that bag from? It's lovely!

Natalie V. said...

Safe travels! And don't worry--if Texas ever secedes, I guarantee SC (where I'm from/live) will be right there with them! :)

Jess said...

Thanks!! It's actually from Talbots like 7 years ago.

Jess said...

I'm sure Georgia wouldn't be too far behind either :)

Jess said...

The Florida heat and humidity is just as oppressive unfortunately. I would love to escape it!!

Christina McCall said...

Have a great time in Cowtown! The humidity in the northern half of the state is not nearly as bad as the southern half or central Florida :)
PS ... always rumored, as we could be self sufficient as our own country once again -- we have all the industries and our own power grid :) (Texas and Hawaii are the only two states with that claim since the Lone Star State once was a republic and Hawaii was a kingdom)