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Thursday, November 1, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm not proud of this side of me, 
but I think I'm a type snob. 
If you print anything in Comic Sans 
or Papyrus, I can't take you seriously.

I can talk for hours about how I really enjoy 
the work of the Swiss type designers. 
And how Ikea's switch from Futura to Verdana
was a major turning point in the history of type. 

I've seen the documentary Helvetica.
Many times.

Personally, Century Gothic is my go-to font of choice 
for every day life. 
I hate how MLA format requires that 
I type everything in 12 pt Times New Roman. 
Who wants to live life that way? 
Certainly not me. 
I want the option to mix things up a little every
now and then. 

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess recently used an app that lets you 
turn your handwriting into a font. 
Which is the coolest idea to me because 
(not to brag or anything, but...) 
I'm told all the time that I have good penmanship. 
You can view her tutorial here


For your viewing pleasure: a few of my favorite fonts/ packaging ideas. 

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