A week {or two} in Paris

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Living in a city for more than a week is going to give you great insight as to what that city has to offer. 
Lucky for us we got to live in Paris for 3 months so i feel like i have the experience to write a blog post about where you should visit and what you should see!! 

First of all You should probably get the Eiffel Tower out of your system pretty early on. It really is one of the most magical landmarks of all time and you will enjoy basking in it's history for a good hour or so. *Hint take the metro stop to Trocadero for the best view possible of La Tour Eiffel OR just go hang out on the lawn and have a nice picnic!!! 

If you happen to be hungry, and have about 25 Euros to spare, you HAVE to stop in at 
le relays de l'entrecote. You get a salad as a starter, followed by 2 separate portions of steak and Frites...yes 2....you finish one portion and they bring you out another!!! 
It's MAGICAL!!!! AND it will be the best food decision you ever make...
trust me, the green sauce may look scary but it's heavenly

 If you have a free day you really should take the train out to visit the Palace of Versailles.
You know the one where Marie Antoinette lived...
It also houses the very famous Hall of Mirrors!!!
It is a must see, and don't stop at the palace itself but walk the 
grounds until you come across Marie's personal 
home on the estate, it come's with her own little peasant village!!

Now Normandy is obviously not in Paris, 
but you can get here using any and all of the train stations. 
I'm assuming we left from Gare de lyon station. 
Normandy is full of rich history, 
such as where D-Day occurred in June 1944. 
It's also home to Mont-Saint-Michel which is an amazing 
fortress on a hill surrounded by water in Normandy!

We stayed in a cute little countryside cottage with our hosts Patrick and Dennis, 
Who made us a 4 course meal when we arrived at 10:00 P.M. 
They ALSO made us an amazing home made from scratch breakfast the next morning!!
Patrick and Dennis...If you're out there....THANK YOU!!!

Another Must see town is Montmartre France, as you see this is one of the best overlook spots in Paris, because it's the highest point in Paris!! This Town is full of artists and hippies, which adds to it's character and makes it such a fun place to visit!! It is also home to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, which is an amazing amazing place to go see, if you can survive all of the stair to the top!!!

There are more spots that i'll have to tell you about in a future post but for now i'll leave you with this one. Tour Montparnasse, or Montparnasse Tower, A lot of people go up the Eiffel Tower for an equally breathtaking view of Paris but i really like Montparnasse better. It give you a chance to actually see the Eiffel Tower in the skyline, which is what going to Paris is all about!! 
Plus it makes the tower good for something since people hate it so much ;)

That's all for now, i hope to do more Travel Tuesday Posts like this one so you can have a better idea of all of the hits and misses Paris has to offer!!


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Dena Barrie said...

France has to be my favorite country, and Paris is such an amazing city! How exciting to be able to spend some time getting to know a city inside and out! What an amazing opportunity!