Last first day of Spring Semester!

Monday, January 14, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Monday, January 14, 2013

School starts back up today...

It's my last spring semester of college which is insane,
I feel like i started college yesterday.

When i started school I was a fish out of freaking water, I had never been away from home before yet there i was taking that walk up to my dorm as my parents drove away to go back home.

I remember being ok for like 10 seconds and then i totally had a HUGE meltdown...
I was ridiculously depressed for like the first month of school...
It didn't help that my hair was like BLACK {not my best decision}
I like to call that time in my life the {Emily Goth Stage}
I tried to pull myself out of school the first day, i threatened my parents that if they didn't come get me i would leave, i would withdraw....well they put me in my place pretty quick haha

As you can see i ended up sticking it out and you know what it hasn't really been THAT bad :)
I met my best friend Sam Sophomore year..
I went to Paris Junior year...
Made about 10 best friends including Jessica my other bestie/roomie
I mean it was SO hard at first but i have never been so happy to go through with something!!!

So if your going through something that seems impossible, take a breather because it's probably not as bad as it seems. Enjoy the time you have been given because you don't know when it won't be yours anymore. Never take for granted the opportunities you get in life because they could be the best experiences you will ever have!! :) 

So today as i start my last first day of the Spring Semester I am grateful for this school and my family and friends, and i now know i can do anything with the help and encouragement from people around me. And with the strength i have built up in myself to get through whatever life puts in my path!!! 

Have a great monday and first day back if your in my neck of the woods!!

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Mary De Bastos said...

I miss college. Those were the days! Good luck with the semester. I'm sure you'll knock 'em dead!

I find myself putting together stuff for dorm rooms in the fall. I love all the cute stuff!! Then I remind myself I'm not in college anymore nor a dorm room. Silly. THEN I realize it is OK to look because my son will be going to college in 16 yrs!! Never to early to plan ahead.