Le Sigh

Monday, January 28, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Monday, January 28, 2013

 It's happened again. 
It's Monday... 
After a weekend full of good food, movies, and shopping, my regular routine has lost its appeal. However, school waits for no man, so on we go. 

In preparation of what is sure to be a long and busy week for all of us, I'm sure, I've prepared a little Monday gift for all of you.

 It's no secret around our apartment that I have a thing for middle-aged British men. It just so happens that my love for them is benefiting you, too! You can thank me later. 


He was pointing at me. Back off. 

So much thought went into selecting this picture. You have no idea.

Best part of the whole movie.

This one's for Jess.

Yes, please.

And so you have it. After many exhaustive google searches that may or may not have included "Jude Law in cable knit sweater", my gift to you.

It's later. So you can thank me now.



Mary De Bastos said...

This is just what I needed. After my toddler peed on everything in sight at the pool, and we left in a hurry. I've been on edge ever since.

I totally have a thing for middle aged British men. There is an air of sophistication about them. Not to mention the accent. Jude Law is the best British Law.

Dena Barrie said...

Oh this was a good one...I am married to a middle aged British man and they are so cute, and like Mary says there is an "air of sophistication."
I have to say my favorite one up there is hands down Daniel Craig. A man with a British accent and a gun-WOW!
Thanks for the eye candy