What friends are for

Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport||

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's the best feeling in the world having people 
in your life who accept you, awkward moments and all. 
And it's even better when they have their fair share of 
laughable moments as well. 
Emily and Samantha are those people. 

We watch Pocahontas together. 
Sing all of the songs.
And maybe possibly definitely are choreographing 
a few dance numbers to turn it into the next Broadway sensation. 
{We were told last night that it wasn't a musical, but that is about to change.}

And we are going to see Aaron Concert {yes, the 90s pop sensation} together.
Apparently he wants to revitalize his career or something. 
All I know is that I still remember all of the words to "That's How I Beat Shaq." 
Perhaps he's coming to a town near you. 
{For those in the Little Rock area: March 26 at Juanita's. Mark your calendar.}
For the small price of $50, you can get VIP/meet&greet tickets. 
Not that I thought about doing that or anything...

Some people might think that it's odd choreographing in the kitchen, 
or getting excited about a washed-up 90s rapper. 
And to those people, I say you might be a little right. 

However, it's times like these that make me laugh until I cry.
And I'm just glad that there are people laughing along with me. 



Vic said...

Best friends are the best things in the world, I'd be lost without mine!

Dena Barrie said...

there is nothing better in the world than a friend! Mine lives 7000 miles away and we are still as close as she is right around the corner. Make sure you keep this bond you have for life!

Kristin said...

So great to share such wonderful memories and new experiences with dear friends. They're the best!